About the Blogger:  My name is Kate, I’m 30ish, and I live in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle WA, with my husband and our tortoise.  I work as an engineer, and my hobby is drinking…um lets call it sampling hard cider.  Although I’ve been sampling cider for a few years, I more recently got really into it, started this blog, and made it my aim to try as many ciders as I could.  Lots of fun!  I’m not a cider expert by any stretch of the imagination, but want to share my love of cider, and this blog is also a great way to catalog my journey.  My first post includes more information:  Hard Cider, a Recently-Realized Hobby

About the Blog:  Cider Says is a hard cider blog for cider enthusiasts, but not connoisseurs.  I started it in 2015.  You won’t see a highly technical review with flowery wine tasting here, as I aim for cider reviews which can appeal to more folks.  My reviews also tend to be on the detailed (ie. wordy side), including as much info as I can find, such as cost, availability, and label photos.  I can’t tell you what is the best hard cider on the market, but I can tell you what ciders I enjoy (or don’t enjoy) and why.  I review almost every cider I drink, so not every review is positive. I never intend to recommend avoiding a cider…everyone has different tastes. Just because I didn’t care for it doesn’t mean you will agree (and vice versa). Expect to see reviews, views, news, and more.  I aim to post frequently, at least several times a week.  I imagine this blog will evolve as my cider experience and tastes evolve.

Here is a post of my favorite ciders from 2015.
Here is a post of my favorite ciders from 2016.

Please share this blog with your friends if you like it, and remember to subscribe to ensure you don’t miss any posts (link in sidebar on right, or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices).  We’re on Facebook as well, and share lots of cider links in addition to post notifications.  Let me know if you have suggestions, comments, spot an error, etc.  Enjoy!

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