Cider Wish List

Ongoing List of Ciders I’d Like to Try:

4 thoughts on “Cider Wish List

    • Hi Linda – This site is not associated with any cidery, I just review ciders for fun. I recommend contacting whichever cidery you are interested in purchasing ice cider from directly.

      However, I can share that I highly recommend Eden Specialty Ciders in Vermont for ice cider. They offer online sales ( and are even doing free shipping on 3+ bottles this month (code ‘pickcider’). My personal favorite is their barrel aged heirloom ice cider, but they currently offer 5 different kinds. Quite a few other cideries also make ice cider, and I’ve enjoyed every one that I’ve tried, but Eden is the only cidery in the U.S. that truly specializes it, was the first to start making it, and produces multiple varieties. Cheers!


  1. I live in Massachusetts. I can tell you that from your remaining East Coast list, Nine Pin Ginger is one of my faves! I’ve had Bantam Wunderkind on draft and in a can. I prefer it on draft.

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