Cider Wish List

Ongoing List of Ciders I’d Like to Try:

  • Virtue Cider “The Mitten” Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider (haven’t found; only sold in MI?) (found The Mitten at Capitol Cider in Seattle, and I’ve also tried Cherry Mitten and The Mitten in a multi pack)
  • Eden 2011 Northern Spy Barrel-Aged Ice Cider (haven’t found), or any good ice cider actually (see here)
  • Eden Cellar Series The Falstaff (cider club only, and now sold out) (found some!)
  • Stem Ciders “Banjo”, bourbon barrel aged, only sold in CO and only certain times of the year
  • Anthem Blind Tiger Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider, haven’t found
  • Alpenfire Glow and/or Cinders (both were amazing, but I preferred Glow to Cinders)
  • Finnriver & 2 Towns Pommeau (both were amazing, but I preferred  2 Towns Pommeau to Finnriver Pommeau)
  • Schilling Berry, only at ciderhouse, and no longer made?
  • Woodchuck Smoked Apple, no longer made
  • anything barrel aged from Rev Nat’s; usually only sold at their Portland tap room (I’ve now tried Reverend Nat’s Tent Show Wooden Hellfire and Whiskey Barrel Aged Golden Russet with Black Currant)
  • anything from Left Field Cider Co. out of BC, haven’t found (see Left Field Little Dry)
  • more mead, such as from Sky River (I have enjoyed meads from Sky River, Moonlight, Aesir, Superstition, and more)
  • Alpenfire Calypso, Blackberry Rum Barrel Aged (see here)
  • Finnriver special release ciders (Apple Abbey, Pomona’s Nectar, Fire Barrel, Black Currant Brandywine, Raspberry Brandywine, Liberry Brandywine, Spirited Blackberry Wine, and Artisan Sparkling Brut)
  • more East coast ciders, which are difficult to find here in the PNW, such as Eve’s (see here), Aaron Burr, Foggy Ridge, Bellwether, West Country, Farnum Hill (see here), Bad Seed, Nine Pin, and Bantam
  • Eric Bordelet (I tried Poire Authentique)
  • Tilted Shed (see here)
  • Alpenfire Smoke (see here for an older release, but it was re-released in fall 2017!)
  • Dunkertons Dry, Henney’s Vintage, and Sheppy’s Oak Matured, all awesome affordable English ciders I’ve tried but haven’t been able to find in Seattle, only Portland
  • An affordable French cider in single serve bottles, as I can no longer find Celt
  • EZ Orchards ‘Pomme’ Pommeau (see here)

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