UPDATE – Unfortunately I am not accepting samples at this time.

Sample Policy:

I will review samples of bottled or canned ciders, cider related products and books, local cider events…basically anything cider-related.  If you would like to send something, please contact me.  At this time I review every sample I receive, so if you send it in, you’ll see a review here within a couple weeks.

I promise to give samples the same consideration as any cider I purchase, although I note it is a sample.  However, some bias is always a possibility.  Like most folks I won’t enjoy everything I try, but I think of my personal opinion as more of an afterthought to my reviews.  Note that I don’t give any ratings in reviews, but instead try to give abundant information including price & availability, describe the cider, share some photos, and identify similar ciders and the cider’s likely audience.

I have no intention of making money off of this blog.  Although my stats are great for a cider blog (several hundred visitors a day), that is low for the blog world, so I don’t anticipate adding any ads beyond whatever my blog host requires, as ad revenue wouldn’t exceed the cost of different hosting which allows ads.

Disclosures:  I’m all for full disclosure, so it is appropriate for me to share that I have received the following freebies:

2015:  VIP ticket to Cider Summit Seattle 2015, a glass of Eden Sparkling Dry, Angry Orchard Stone Dry, the book Apples to Cider from Farnum Hill, Boonville Bite Hard cider & a t-shirt, Woodchuck Hot Cha Cha Cha, 3 varieties of Downeast cider, 7 varieties of WildCraft cider, and 2 varieties of Big B’s cider.

2016:  3 varieties from Eden Ice cider, Woodchuck Campfire Pancakes, Original Sin Extra Dry, Newhall Farm Ice Cider, Angry Orchard Knotty Pear & Old Fashioned, Virtue Mitten – 2014 original & cherry, 5 varieties from Cider Brothers William Tell, Woodchuck June and Juice, 2 Towns Hop and StalkFlavorActiV Cider Sensory Kit Series One, 2 Towns La Mure, Brooklyn Cider House Still Bone Dry & Half Sour & Kinda Dry, Rhinegeist Cidergeist Semi Dry, Rhinegeist Cidergeist Dry Hopped, Angry Orchard Walden Hollow, Portland Cider Company Strawperry, Bereziartua Sidra Natural & Edicion Gourmet, VIP ticket to Summer Cider Day 2016 in Port Townsend WA, Angry Orchard Easy Apple, VIP ticket to Cider Summit Seattle 2016, Dunkertons Dry, Perry, & Black Fox, Number 12 Sparkling Dry, Black Currant Dry, & Chestnut Semi-Dry2 Towns Nice & Naughty, Woodchuck Semi-Dry & Ginger Lovin’, 33 Books Co.’s The Original Cider Tasting Mug33 Mugs of Cider Book, 2 Towns Traditions Cidre BoucheRiverwood, 2 Towns Return of the MackAngry Orchard & Eden collaboration Understood in Motion: 01, Vermont Cider Co. Wassail & Addison, and Sonoma Cider The Jax, The Sleigh, & The Cutter

2017:  Double Cider January box with Honest Abe & Ratel Cider Dry HoppedPortland Cider Sangria,Virtue Cider The Mitten, Angry Orchard Tapped Maple & Spiced Apple2 Towns Flight of the Kiwi, Nashi Orchards Black SwanWoodchuck Summer Time Pear Ginger, tickets to Cider Rite of Spring 2017 in Portland Oregon, Citizen Cider Wit’s UpVermont Cider Co. Cerise, Angry Orchard Maple Wooden SleeperAval Cidre Artisinal, Wyder’s Pear, Raspberry, & Prickly Pineapple, 2 Towns Hop & Stalk & Prickle Me Pink ^2, Gumption Citrus Freak, Jester & Judge Nowhere Special, 2 Towns Traditions La Mure, Wrangletown Original, Oak Barrel AgedMonument Apples Orchard, & Fieldbrook Nursery Orchard2 Towns Cot in the Act, the book “Tasting Cider“, Urban Tree Cider Original, Classic, & Barrel-AgedAngry Orchards & EZ Orchards Understood in Motion 02, VIP ticket to Cider Summit Seattle 2017, 2 Towns Hollow Jack, Eden & Tilted Shed collaboration Two Ellies, Gitche Gumee Entropy, Ramborn Perry & Cascade Hopped Cider, a cidrbox with Farnum Hill Extra DryKingston Black, & Semi Dry2 Towns Traditions Cidre BoucheVermont Cider Co. Ingrained, multiple selections from Winesellers, Ltd. (Manoir de Grandouet Cidre Fermier BrutLe Brun Poire, Cidrerie Daufresne PoireDomaine de la Minotiere Cidre Fermier Bio DouxDomaine de la Minotiere Cidre Fermier Bio BrutManoir de Grandouet AOP Pays d’Auge CidreCidrerie Daufresne Brut Cidre, Sidra Asturiana Mayador Still, & Sidra Asturiana Mayador Sparkling), Liberty Ciderworks Spokane Scrumpy, English Style, & Hewe’s CrabAngry Orchard PearEden The Falstaff, French Cider Inc.‘s Pierre Huet Pays D’Auge Cidre, Lefevre Winter Cidre, & Hérout Cotentin Extra-Brut, Portland Cider Co. Cranberry, Citizen Cider Mr. B & Ms. B, 2 Towns Man Gogh, and Virtue Cider Michigan Brut.

2018:  Portland Cider Co. Concord Grape & Apple & Hop’Rageous, & SangriaCitizen Cider Tulsi2 Towns Pacific PineappleWoodchuck Tank Series Pear Ginger2 Towns Passion StatementAngry Orchard RoséFrench Cider Inc.‘s Pierre Huet Poire Demi-Sec & Herout Cotentin Brut & La Chouette Cidre RoséAngry Orchard Understood in Motion 03 collaboration with Tom Oliver2 Towns Easy PeasyEden Heritage2 Towns PearadiseWoodchuck Cucumber MintFrench Cider Inc.’s Kystin Opalyne, Kystin Cuvée VXII, & Kystin Kalysie.  Grand Illusion Mystic Citra Pineapple, Blue Illusion, and Street Magic.  Anyday Rosé2 VIP tickets to Cider Summit Seattle 2018.  Portland Cider Co. Perfect 10 and Pumpkin Spice.  Woodchuck Pearsecco and RoséPortland Cider Co. CranberryWoodchuck 802 Lil’ Dry.

2019:  Woodchuck Belgian White, Seattle Cider Pineapple Agave2 Towns Easy Squeezy, 2 Towns Two Thorns, 2 Towns Camp Clementine, 2 Towns Afton Field, Woodchuck Sangria, French Cider Inc. Herout D-Day Commemorative Brut, Herout Micro-Cuvée, & Kupela Basque CiderDouble Mountain Arkansas BlackApplegarden Farm Hard Cider, Greenwood LingonberryStone Circle Semi-Dry, Far West Orchard Blend No. 1, Greenwood DryFar West Proper Dry, Stone Circle Sour Cherry, and Stone Circle Dryall from Press Then PressEden Harvest CiderDouble Mountain Wickson Crab2 VIP tickets to Cider Summit Seattle 2019Portland Cider Peach Berry2 Towns Hollow Jack’d2 Towns Cosmic Currant.

2020:  Portland RazzBerry.  Double Mountain Wickson CrabPortland Ciderade.  Nectar Creek Nectarade (Lemon-Lime) and Top Bar (Coffee) from 2 Towns.  Peak Bloom, Deep Cut, Siren Song, and Benjamin from Eden.  Locust Peach GingerGreenwood Whiskey Barrel HeirloomTieton Huckleberry.  Spin Cider An Apple for Teacher, Sammamish River Trail, & Tour de Lopez.  Snow Capped Gold Rush, Colorado Peach, Sour Cherry, Plum Lemongrass, 6130′ Dry, & JalaPEARnoFenceline Spur Bearer, Whip & Tongue, and Pommeau.  Portland Cider Crangerine and Blueberry Bourbon Basil.

2021:  Urban Tree Harvest Apple, Sweet Heat Haze, Orange U an IPA?, and Wild on CherryEden Brut Rosé.

2 thoughts on “Samples

  1. I am a cider fan too, but an inexperienced one! Your blog is very interesting. I had no idea there were so many. We have a local craft bar that offers a cider or two on tap in micro batches. When we go I always have to try one. I don’t have a taste for beer. I recently had a peach cider from a local Lucky’s Market on draft. It was too good. That one could have been dangerous! I wish I could remember the name of it for you. It was a bit sweet, like punch though. One was enough in more than one way, ha! It felt like dessert. Thanks for your thorough review of ciders. It is great to find reviews like yours. Enjoy your cider! Happy Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, I found the 2 I like. They both come in a bottle, but I tried them on draft. The peach one is from Cider Boys Hard Cider, called Peach Country. And the other one is called Zombie Killer. They come in 500 ml bottles. I do drink Stella Artois cidre every now and then and enjoy it as well. As I said, I am an inexperienced cider drinker, but do love finding a nice one for an occasion. I thought I would share the few that I found pleasing. You have such an informative site. Thanks for sharing!

      Liked by 1 person

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