Sandford Orchards Chestnut Cask

Review of Sandford Orchards Chestnut Cask, an English chestnut wood aged cider.  It is my first time trying this cider, although I’ve previously had The General from this cidery, and English ciders are a favorite of mine.

2017-04-14 18.33.55.jpg

Cider:  Chestnut Cask
Cidery:  Sandford Orchards
Cidery Location:  Crediton UK
ABV:  6.8%
How Supplied:  500ml bottles
Style:  English cider from cider apples, Chestnut wood aged

2017-04-14 18.34.01 2017-04-14 18.34.08 2017-04-14 18.34.17

Availability:  semi wide release (they also have an online store if you are in England)

Cider Description:  Pressed in 2013 fermented and aged in Chestnut wood.  Rich and round tannins with a delicate residual sweetness and bitter finish that will please a cultured palate.

Apple Varieties:  Sweet Alford, Court Royal, Dabinett

Cidery Description:  Sandford Orchards is craft cider producer from the heart of idyllic, rural Devon. Our methods are simple and so is our ethos: we only bottle the best. We are enormously proud to have been recognised for our endeavours. We are a family business full of passion for our products, we believe that Devon ciders and juices are the best in the world – we want you to taste them!

This appears to be a for-export-only cider variety for them.  Sandford Orchards was founded in 2003, so they are well-established, but not one of the very old English cideries (like Aspall and Sheppy’s).

Price:  $6.85
Where Bought:  Bushwhacker Cider in Portland Oregon
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  Browsing

2017-04-14 18.35.18.jpg

First Impression:  Light orange amber.  Still (no carbonation).  Smells rich, tannic, slightly sweet, and of caramel.

Tasting Notes:  On the drier side of semi-dry.  Light bodied.  Low tartness.  Moderate acidity.  Moderate bitterness.  Moderate tannins.  Hints of sourness and funk.  Notes of wood, earth, almonds, caramel, and butterscotch.  Long bitter finish.  Low to moderate apple flavor.  Moderate sessionability, flavor intensity, and complexity.

My Opinion:  This cider was too bitter for my liking, especially on the finish.  However, I really liked the flavor profile and tannins.  I think a touch more sweetness could have helped to balance out some of the bitterness too.

Most Similar to:  English and English-style ciders with are drier and more bitter, such as Sandford Orchards The GeneralHecks Tremletts Bitter, Ross on Wye, and Merridale Scrumpy Cider

Closing Notes:  If you don’t mind bitterness, Sandford Orchards make some solid ciders, and they are a great value at under $7 a bottle for a cider made from cider apples (and imported too!).  However, I prefer less bitter English ciders, like Dunketons, Aspall, and Sheppy’s.  I think this is the first time I’ve had (or even seen) a Chestnut wood aged cider (oak is most common).

Have you tried English cider?  What did you think?

Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidré Poire

Review of Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidré Poire, a French perry (made entirely from pears, no apples).  It is my first time trying this, although I’ve previously tried Dan Armor’s cidre.  I’ve also sampled some other French poires:  Christian Drouin PoireDomaine Pacory Poire Domfront, and Eric Bordelet Poire Authentique (plus an American French-style poire,  E.Z. Orchards Poire).

2017-04-15 20.22.09

Cider:  Poire
Cidery:  Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidré
Cidery Location:  Brittany France
ABV:  4.5%
How Supplied:  750ml corked & caged champagne bottle
Style:  French Poire (perry)

2017-04-15 20.22.27 2017-04-15 20.22.35

Availability:  wide release at Trader Joe’s, since early 2017 (imported by Lattitude Wines, Danville CA)

Cider Description:  Cider made from fresh pears grown in the northwest of France, slowly fermented to create refreshing aromas and sweet flavors.  No sugar was added to this well-balanced cider and it is gluten-free.

Price:  $4.99
Where Bought:  Trader Joe’s
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  Browsing.  I had previously tried Dan Armor’s cider, and saw this for the first time.  At $5 it was an easy buy.

2017-04-15 20.23.55.jpg

First Impression:  Medium straw yellow hue.  Moderate carbonation.  Smells of syrupy sweet pear.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-sweet to sweet (15g sugar / 8oz).  Medium to full bodied, with a smooth, creamy, and fizzy texture.  Low tartness and acidity.  No bitterness, sourness, funk, or tannins.  Notes of canned pear, dried pear, and hints of pineapple & floral.  High pear flavor.  High sessionability.  Moderate flavor intensity.  Low complexity.

My Opinion:  I enjoyed this.  However, it was definitely on the commercial and easy to drink side, with less complexity than the other poires I’ve had (which admittedly have been from top cidermakers and high end prices to match).

Most Similar to:  Christian Drouin Poire (also semi-sweet and very pear-forward, but slightly more refined tasting and complex)

Closing Notes / random thoughts:   (1) Perry has significant unfermentable sugars, so even if completely fermented, it remains significant residual sugar (vs. cider, which with the right yeast will ferment to zero residual sugar).  Therefore you won’t see a dry perry.  Most are semi-sweet.  (2) Here in the U.S., typically the word perry should only be used if the beverage is only made from pears, and the term pear cider if it is an apple cider with pear juice.  However, often pear ciders are mistakenly called perries.  (3) I typically prefer French-style Poire to American perry.  Probably as many of the American perries I’ve had have been funky, and poire often has a really nice texture and complexity while remaining clean.  There have been a handful of American perries I have enjoyed though, like Locust Seckel Perry, Snowdrift Seckel Perry, and fruity perries from Pear UP (formerly NV Cider).

Have you tried French perry (poire)?  What did you think?

Wildcide Wild Mule

Review of Wildcide’s Wild Mule, a moscow-mule inspired cider with lime, ginger, and cane juice syrup.  It is my first time trying anything from this cidery.  They also offer an original / flagship cider simply called “Wildcide”.

2017-04-17 15.32.51

2017-04-17 15.33.14 2017-04-17 15.33.42

>>This is a review of a sample bottle provided to Cider Says by Wildcide.  Although I will take care to treat it the same as any other review, there is always the potential for bias as I received it for free.  The only consideration I knowingly made was pushing this up in my cider review cue.  I love free stuff, especially cider!  Want your cider or cider-related product reviewed here?  Contact me.<<

Cider:  Wildcide Wild Mule
Cidery:  Aurum Cider Co. (Gordon Biersch)
Cidery Location:  San Jose CA
ABV:  5.2%
How Supplied:  six pack of 12oz bottles
Style:  American cider from dessert apples, with ginger, lime, and cane juice syrup

2017-04-17 15.33.48 2017-04-17 15.34.25

2017-04-17 15.33.57 2017-04-17 15.34.06

Availability:  newly-released, year-round in California, Hawaii, and Nevada

Cider Description:  If you LOVE Moscow Mules, you will LOVE WILDMULE. It’s CRAFTED from our ALL-NATURAL hard cider, pure cane sugar syrup and the FRESH juice of limes and Peruvian Ginger. POP the TOP and ENJOY a perfect Mule; no mess, no shopping list, and no food pairing necessary! This sweet and spicy libation stands alone.

Cidery Description:  What is Wildcide? It is a hard cider from the fresh-pressed juice of Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious apples!

Price:  n/a (retails for $11.99 / six pack)
Where Bought:  n/a
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  the cidery contacted me

2017-04-19 18.34.13.jpg

First Impression:  Hazy dark lemonade hue.  Low carbonation.  Smells sweet, of spicy ginger and tart lime.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-sweet to semi-dry.  Medium bodied.  Moderate tartness and acidity.  No bitterness, tannins, sourness, or funk.  The flavor was rather straightforward, of granny smith apple juice, ginger, and lime.  Long finish with a spicy ginger bite.  Moderate ginger intensity, which remained in the mouth (not at the back of the throat like it can sometimes).  Moderate flavor intensity and sessionability.  Low apple flavor and complexity.

My Opinion:  I’m not a fan of ginger, so this isn’t to my personal preferences.  I found it refreshing and very fresh-tasting.  I imagine this will be appealing for folks who like ginger more than I do though, as it has some nice unique flavor and remains mid-level perceived sweetness.  The lime seemed to help cut some of the ginger’s spiciness, and the ginger and lime seemed balanced.

Most Similar to:  I’ve had a number of ginger ciders, but nothing cocktail-style like this with lime and so unfiltered.  The style of it reminded me a bit of Elemental’s “Margarita” cider, with jalapeno, lime, and cilantro.

Random Fact:  Wildcide flash-pasteurizes their ciders, so they avoid needing to add sulfites (which most ciders contain).

Closing Notes:  If you enjoy ginger-infused ciders, moscow mule cocktails, ginger beer, and the like, you may find this appealing.  I think it would be nice with a shot of tequila or vodka in it too!

Have you tried Wildcide Wild Mule?  What did you think?

Eve’s Cidery Rustica

Review of Eve’s Cidery Rustica, described as a traditional method semi-sweet sparkling cider.  It is my first time trying this one, but I’ve previously had their Beckhorn HollowAutumn’s Gold, and Kingston Black.

2017-04-08 17.38.09.jpg

Cider:  Rustica
Cidery:  Eve’s Cidery
Cidery Location:  Van Etten NY
ABV:  7.0%
Residual Sugar: 4.5%
How Supplied:  750ml corked & caged champagne bottles
Style:  American artisan cider from heirloom apples, naturally sparkling

2017-04-08 17.38.16 2017-04-08 17.38.27

Availability:  Mostly in New York, but also in some other states, such as Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Delaware (and now, Washington).  They also have an online store (check for shipping availability for states besides New York).  358 cases of this vintage of Rustica were produced in 2015.

Cider Description:  On the nose, watermelon and coconut creamsicle moving into frozen strawberries on the palate. The finish, which is at first fresh and sweet. ends on a darker more savory note with drying tannin carrying the sweet fruit.

Made from cryo-concentrated juice, with secondary fermentation in the bottle.  More info on the cider is available here.

Apple Varieties:  75% Macoun, Empire, Liberty blend, estate grown.  18% MacIntosh, Steve Cummins, Ithaca, NY.  7% Wild harvested seedling.

Cidery Description:  Eve’s Cidery is a small family run orchard and cidery located in Van Etten, in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. We grow apples and other tree fruits and ferment artisanal ciders. We believe in nature, art, good food and hard work. These beliefs influence the way we farm, make cider and sell our product. We hope you can taste some of it in the bottle.

Their official tasting room is at the Finger Lakes Cider House in Interlaken New York.

Price:  $18
Where Bought:  Eve’s Cidery’s online store
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  Browsing Eve’s Cidery’s website, as they were having a free shipping offer in December.

2017-04-08 17.40.55.jpg

First Impression:  Medium straw yellow hue.  Moderate carbonation.  Smells sweet, and mildly of honey and fruit.

Tasting Notes:  On the drier side of semi-sweet.  Medium bodied, slightly syrupy, with a creamy texture.  Low tartness.  Low to moderate acidity.  Hints of tannins.  No sourness, funk, or bitterness.  Notes of honey, cream, vanilla, melon, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, and peach.  Quick finish.  Moderate apple flavor, sessionability, flavor intensity, and complexity.

My Opinion:  Amazing!  I loved the creamy fruitiness.  Well balanced, easy to drink, and refreshing, yet it still had some complexity and heirloom apple flavor.  Its amazing so many flavors can be tasted without adding anything to the cider.

Most Similar to:  Alpenfire Spark (which had the heirloom apple flavor, sweetness, and carbonation, but no fruitiness) and Locust Vanilla Bean (which had the same creaminess, but it has added vanilla, is much sweeter, and didn’t have fruitiness)

Closing Notes:  Awesome complexity and an amazing value!  Its my favorite from them so far.  This would be great for new and experienced cider drinkers alike.  Too bad it isn’t available locally yet (I’ve only seen their Beckhorn Hollow).

Have you tried Eve’s Cidery Rustica?  What did you think?

Sea Cider Ruby Rose

Review of Sea Cider’s Ruby Rose, a summer seasonal cider made with rhubarb and rose hips, part of their Canadian Invasion Series.  I previously tried this at last year’s Cider Summit Seattle; see here.  I’m a fan of Sea Cider, and have also previously tried their Kings & Spies, ProhibitionBramble Bubbly, Bittersweet, Wassail, Birds and the Bees, Flagship, and Witch’s Broom.

2017-04-01 17.18.23.jpg

Cider:  Ruby Rose
Cidery:  Sea Cider
Cidery Location:  Saanichton, B.C., Canada
ABV:  9.9%
How Supplied:  750ml bottles, flip top attached
Style:  Canadian craft cider made with British Columbia apples, rhubarb, and rose hips

2017-04-01 17.18.29 2017-04-01 17.18.49 2017-04-01 17.18.39

Availability:  semi wide release, at these locations (including in Canada, WA, OR, and CA), in summer (beginning each year in July)

Cider Description:  A captivating semi-sweet cider infused with rhubarb, Ruby Rose is a beguiling vixen and part of our Canadian Invasion Series. She may be as aromatic as rhubarb pie, but her namesake is the merciless Rosa Rugosa, an invasive plant that threatens many coastal regions. Proceeds from our Canadian Invasion Series support efforts to combat invasive species in sensitive ecological areas. Ruby Rose pairs fabulously with light summertime meals and is perfect as a patio sipper. Consider sautéed prawns, a creamy brie, candied salmon salad and salty snacks.

See their full detailed product page here.

Cidery Description:  Sea Cider is a farm-based cidery located on the Saanich Peninsula just minutes from Victoria, on Vancouver Island. Our ten acre farm is home to over 1,300 apple trees, made up of over 50 varieties of heritage apples.  Sea Cider opened its farm gate for business in 2007 when owner Kristen Jordan purchased the property with a vision of creating an organic farm and orchard and producing traditional fermented artisan ciders. Since then, we’ve grown to an annual cider production of over 7,000 cases and growing. We continue to pride ourselves on crafting traditionally fermented ciders from organically grown apples.

Price:  $20
Where Bought:  Schilling Cider House in Seattle WA
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  I first tried this at Cider Summit last year; see here.  I picked up this bottle last Fall I think.

2017-04-01 17.20.53.jpg

First Impression:  Rose hue.  Low carbonation.  Smells fruity (rhubarb and strawberry) and herbal, reminiscent of a fruity herbal tea.

Tasting Notes:  On the sweeter side of semi-dry.  Medium bodied.  Moderate tartness and acidity.  Hints of bitterness and tannins.  No sourness or funk.  Notes of rhubarb, cranberry, strawberry, watermelon, and fruity herb tea.  Long warming finish.  Low apple flavor.  Moderate flavor intensity.  Moderate complexity.  Low to moderate sessionability.

My Opinion:  I enjoyed this.  The fruitiness makes you think this would be best for Spring & Summer, but the alcohol content and herbal notes open it up for all seasons.

Most Similar to:  Snowdrift Red, Alpenfire Glow, Eden Imperial 11 Rosé, and Schilling Lumberjack

Closing Notes:  This seems a bit less sweet and more herbal than when I previously tried it (comparing to my tasting notes).  My favorite selections from Sea Cider are ProhibitionBittersweet, Birds and the Bees, and this one.  All their ciders are around 10% ABV, in between that of typical ciders and grape wine, which is unique, tasty, and a good value too.

Have you tried Sea Cider Ruby Rose?  What did you think?

Schilling Cider House Visit 25 Tasting Notes

Tasting notes from my 25th visit to the Schilling Cider House in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle WA.  Check out my past posts with tasting notes here.

2017-04-04 16.02.27.jpg

I was there on a Tuesday when they were having a 2 Towns event (they had Return of the Mac, Made Marion, Cherried Away, Flight of the Kiwi, and Sun’s Out Saison on tap).  I started with a flight.

2017-04-04 16.08.40.jpg
<left to right:  Finnriver Fire Barrel, 2 Towns Sun’s Out Saison, Locust Seckel Perry, Sea Cider Wolf in the Woods, Cockrell Dusty, and Alpenfire Heirloom Dry>

Finnriver (Chimacum WA) Fire Barrel (9.0% ABV):  This year’s Fire Barrel was just released (I’ve tried it previously; see here).  It is made from cider apples (this year they are all Organic and all from Finnriver’s own orchard), then Whiskey barrel aged for 5 months (previously it was aged in charred Bourbon barrels).  They have a detailed fact sheet on this and all their other ciders now too.  This time around it is a higher ABV, and is being released in a 750ml corked bottle (part of their Orchard Series) for $23, instead of a 500ml bottle for $11.  I prefer smaller bottles for lower prices.  I think it was underpriced before (I recognize these barrel aged ciders from real cider apples cost significantly more to produce), but $23 is a bit steep.
Darker hue.  Semi-dry.  Medium bodied.  Low tartness, acidity, bitterness, tannins, and funk.  No sourness.  Notes of apple pomace, caramel, and molasses.  Long warming finish. Oddly enough I liked this better as it warmed up, as it seemed to have more depth (often for a higher ABV cider, they become harsh as they warm). Moderate flavor intensity, apple flavor, sessionability, and complexity.  Low to moderate oak and spirit flavor.  I really enjoyed it, but the previous version was better, as it seemed more complex (I didn’t pick up the vanilla this time) and had more oak & spirit flavor, likely as it was a bit sweeter.

2 Towns (Corvallis OR) Peach Saison / Sun’s Out Saison (5.8% ABV):  I thought this was something I hadn’t tried, as it was labeled Peach Saison (they write whatever the keg label says on the tap list board, so sometimes it varies from the official name), but it turns out it is Sun’s Out Saison, back for its 2nd seasonal release (also available in bottles); I’ve tried it previously (see here).  Semi-sweet to semi-dry.  Light bodied.  Low tartness and acidity.  Notes of peach, pear, citrus, and green apple.  Quick finish.  Low apple flavor.  Low to moderate flavor intensity.  Moderate to high sessionability.  Low to moderate complexity.  I really enjoyed it.  This year’s release seemed slightly sweeter and more flavorful.

Locust Cider (Woodinville WA) Seckel Perry (6.0% ABV):  This draft-only perry is made from Seckel pears.  Smells slightly of vinegar, sourness, funk, and citrus.  Hazy hue.  On the sweeter side of semi-dry.  Medium bodied, with a nice texture.  Low tartness.  Moderate acidity.  Mouth-puckering without being overly tart or acidic.  Hints of sourness, funk, bitterness, and tannins.  Pear-forward with some citrus, even lime.  I enjoyed it.  Snowdrift also makes a nice Seckel Perry (see here).

Sea Cider (Saanichton B.C.) Wolf in the Woods (9.9% ABV):  This is a special release cider, part of their Canadian Invasion Series, with hops and pine tips, also available in bottles (for more info see here).  Dry to semi-dry.  Medium bodied.  Moderate tartness and acidity.  Low to moderate bitterness.  Low tannins.  Flavor notes were on the earthy and botanical side, with hops, wood, and citrus.  Long warming finish, but that was the first time the ABV showed up.  Low apple flavor.  Moderate flavor intensity and complexity.  Low sessionability.  I enjoyed it.

Cockrell Cider (Puyallup WA) Call Me Dusty / Dusty Dry (6.8% ABV):  This is their flagship dry cider, also available in bottles.  Dry to semi-dry.  Light to medium bodied.  Moderate tartness and acidity.  Hints of bitterness and tannins.  Rather apple-forward and flavorful for a drier cider.  Hints of peach, pineapple, and lemon.  Low to moderate flavor intensity.  Moderate sessionability, complexity, and apple flavor.  I enjoyed it.

Alpenfire (Port Townsend WA) Traditional Heirloom Dry (8.0% ABV):  This is a draft-only new cider release from heirloom apples.  Dry to semi-dry.  Moderate tartness and acidity.  Low tannins.  No bitterness, sourness, or funk.  Apple-forward flavor with some citrus and floral notes.  Moderate apple flavor, flavor intensity, complexity, and sessionability.  I enjoyed it.  Even Alpenfire’s simpler ciders are exceptional (like their Simple Cider).

Sarah also shared a few sample ciders with me.

2017-04-04 16.22.48

Carlton Cyderworks (McMinnville OR) Sidra Natural (6.9% ABV):  This is a special release Spanish Sidra-style cider (first available November 2016), made from bittersweet & bittersharp PNW apples.  Semi-dry to dry.  Low to moderate tartness, acidity, and sourness.  Low funk.  Notes of citrus but not much else.  Low flavor intensity and complexity.  I found this rather uninspiring, plus I’m not really a fan of Sidra / sour ciders.  However, this would be a good introductory Sidra for someone as it isn’t overly harsh.  Interestingly, imported real Spanish Sidra can be bought around here for significantly less than local Sidra-style cider, so I’m curious how these cider styles will sell.  Rustic and farmhouse-style ciders seem to be gaining in popularity in the PNW (or at least, in production).

2017-04-04 16.22.14

Aval (Bretagne France) Cidre Artisinal (6.0% ABV):  This is a semi widely available French cider from the Brittany region, known for sweeter and higher carbonated apple-forward ciders, typically without the sourness & funk which is common is ciders from the Normandy region.  Darker hue.  Smells sweet, of caramel.  Unknown carbonation level (this had gone flat, but I’m guessing it was higher to start with).  On the sweeter side of semi-dry.  Low tartness, acidity, tannins, and bitterness.  Notes of apple pomace and caramel.  Quick finish.  High sessionability.  Moderate flavor intensity.  Moderate to high apple flavor.  Low to moderate complexity.  I enjoyed this; it is a very easy-drinking French cider, similar to Celt, which is a staple cider in my house and a steal at $7.99 for four 11.2oz bottles.

2017-04-04 17.55.06

North Idaho Cider (Hayden ID) Logger (6.9% ABV):  This cidery’s ciders are new to the Seattle area (see this article), and this one retails for ~ $7.99 / 22oz.  Logger is a dry cider aged on oak and pine.  Dry.  Low sourness.  Moderate tartness and acidity.  Hints of bitterness.  Notes of oak/wood, earth, and citrus.  Mild flavor intensity and apple flavor.  Moderate sessionability and complexity.  I thought this was nice, and reminded me of Grizzly Ciderworks The Ridge.

For probably the first time, I actually enjoyed every cider in my flight.  However, my favorites were the Finnriver Fire Barrel and 2 Towns Sun’s Out Saison.  Of the bottle pours, I enjoyed the Aval best.  It was awesome to have several true artisan cider selections on tap (those made from cider apples by cideries with their own orchards), as most of the draft selections tend towards ciders made from dessert apples with added flavors (fruit, hops, etc).

Stay tuned for more Schilling Cider House tasting notes here at Cider Says!  Have you had any good draft cider / cider flights recently?

Vermont Cider Company Cerise

Review of Vermont Cider Company’s Cerise, a cherry barrel aged cider, the second of their series of seasonal barrel aged ciders.  I’ve previously tried their Addison and Wassail.

>>This is a review of a sample bottle provided to Cider Says by Vermont Cider Company.  Although I will take care to treat it the same as any other review, there is always the potential for bias as I received it for free.  The only consideration I knowingly made was pushing this up in my cider review cue.  I love free stuff, especially cider!  Want your cider or cider-related product reviewed here?  Contact me.<<

2017-04-07 19.52.34.jpg

Cider:  Cerise
Cidery:  Vermont Cider Company
Cidery Location:  Middlebury VT
ABV:  6.9%
How Supplied:  four pack of 12oz bottles (thick champagne glass, but capped)
Style:  commercial cider from dessert apples (Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall VT), with Michigan Montgomery cherry juice, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon barrel aged

2017-04-07 19.52.40.jpg 2017-04-07 19.52.51.jpg 2016-12-09-17-13-18

Availability:  seasonal release, only available in the Northeastern U.S., first available in March

Ingredients: hard cider, cherry juice, sulfites

Cider Description:  It’s a limited-time offering that will delight the senses. “Cerise is built from our barrel-aged, 100% local and fresh pressed cider with the juice of tart Michigan Montmorency cherries,” said Ben E. Calvi, Director of Cider Making. “Aging cider in Napa Valley barrels infuses notes of Cabernet wine, vanilla and oak with fresh apple and a tart cherry fruits.”

Cidery Description:  Vermont Cider Co. introduced the U.S. to the craft cider category 25 years ago. Dedicated exclusively to cider making, they are the proud producers of the original American hard cider, Woodchuck®, the circus of ciders, Gumption®, the west coast native, Wyder’s® Cider, and importers of Magners® Irish Cider and Blackthorn®. With an unparalleled focus on quality and innovation, Vermont Cider Co. leads the category in releasing the most premium liquid and pioneering new ciders made from the finest ingredients. Under the watchful eyes of two award winning cider makers, Vermont Cider Co. produces and distributes from Middlebury, VT, blending together the passion of their consumers, their creativity, and their heritage within the green mountains.

Price:  n/a (retails for $10.99 / four pack)
Where Bought:  n/a
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  I read about it online and requested a sample

2017-04-07 19.54.07.jpg

First Impression:  Bright cherry hue.  Nearly still / very low carbonation.  Smells very mild, with a hint of cherry.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-sweet to semi-dry.  Medium bodied.  Low to moderate tartness.  Moderate acidity.  Hints of bitterness and tannins.  No sourness or funk.  Notes of cherry juice, red wine, cherry skin, and oak.  Moderate length finish.  Moderate flavor intensity.  Low to moderate complexity.  Moderate to high sessionability.  No apple flavor.  Low oak influence.  Low red wine influence.

My Opinion:  Yum!  I really enjoyed this, as did my husband (he kept stealing some).  Perfect levels of sweetness, tartness, and flavor.  The barrel aging was definitely noticeable, but not overpowering.  It was surprisingly flavorful compared to the mild scent.  All in all this actually tastes like what I except from a craft cider.  Nice price point too.

Most Similar to:  Woodchuck Private Reserve Barrel Aged Cherry, which was also a cherry cider aged in red wine barrels (except that was more commercial tasting / less refined), Virtue Cider Cherry Mitten (except that had added complexity from the apple & yeast varieties, and was Bourbon not wine barrel aged), and Apple Outlaw Oaked Sweet Dark Cherry (except that was less flavorful, and aged in new oak not wine barrels).

Closing Notes:  Too bad this isn’t available locally, as I would definitely purchase some.  I think its my favorite cider of the entire Vermont Cider Co. lineup.

Random Note:  My cider list has 27 cherry ciders listed that I’ve tried!

Have you tried Vermont Cider Company’s Cerise?  What did you think?