Portland Cider Crangerine

Review of Portland Cider’s Crangerine, a cranberry-tangerine cider. It is my first time trying this variety, but I’ve had much of their line-up (see here).

>>This is a review of a sample can provided to Cider Says by Portland Cider.  Although I will take care to treat it the same as any other review, there is always the potential for bias as I received it for free.  The only consideration I knowingly made was pushing this up in my cider review cue.  I love free stuff, especially cider!  Want your cider or cider-related product reviewed here?  Contact me.<<

Cider:  Crangerine
Cidery:  Portland Cider
Cidery Location:  Portland Oregon
ABV:  5.1%
How Supplied:  19.2 oz single cans (and kegs/draft)
Style: American craft cider from dessert apples with cranberry & tangerine

Availability:  small batch holiday release, in late 2019 & 2020, in Oregon (including Portland Cider’s 2 taprooms), Washington, Northern Idaho, and Northern California – check out their cider finder

Cider Description:  Delightfully tart, juicy tangerine plays nicely with Oregon grown cranberries. Add some sparkle to your glass with this ruby colored hard cranberry cider, with brilliantly bright flavors that aren’t too sweet.

Cidery Description:  Portland Cider Company is an award-winning premium cider producer that owes its success to the perfect marriage of the cider-making traditions of Somerset, England, with the eclectic and oddly unique spirit of cider-passionate Portland, Oregon.  We are committed to using 100% Northwest apples without additives, colors, or added sugar. This commitment gives our fans, like you, the confidence that you can enjoy the cleanest, crispest, and tastiest cider Portland has to offer.

Price:  n/a (retails for ~ $4-5 / can)
Where Bought:  n/a
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  it showed up

First Impression:  Medium red hue. Very low carbonation. Smells mild, non-specific, and tart.

Tasting Notes: Semi-dry. Light bodied. High tartness. Moderate acidity. Hints of bitterness and tannins. No sourness or funk. Notes of cranberry juice, orange/tangerine, and green apple. Moderate length tart finish. Low apple flavor. High cranberry flavor. Low to moderate complexity. Moderate flavor intensity. High sessionability.

My Opinion:  I liked it, although I’m not big on cranberry juice, and this tasted more of cranberry juice than cider (although not nearly as sweet as most juices), so it got passed to my husband who was happy to get most of the can to himself. This would probably pair well with Thanksgiving dinner, as it reminds me of fancy cranberry sauce where they add orange.

Most Similar to:  Portland Cider’s Cranberry except with tangerine added, or Apple Outlaw Cranberry Jewel

Closing Notes:  Next up I have Portland Cider’s Blueberry Bourbon Basil.

Have you tried Portland Cider Crangerine?  What did you think?