Ciders I’ve Tried

Ciders I’ve Tried:
This list is an ongoing attempt to keep track of all the ciders I try, and includes anything made with apples (such as Pommeau, an apple brandy fortified cider, and cyser, made with apples and honey).
^5 Cider: Strawbasaurus Hop, Hop Hearder
101 Ciderhouse: Cactus Red, Black Dog, Piña Menta
10 Barrel Brewing: Bubbly
2 Towns: Bright Cider, Bad Apple, Serious Scrump, Out Cider, Cherried Away, Made Marion, Cidre Moscato, Throne of Thorns, Cider Master Reserve Batch No. 01 – Barrel Select Blend, Prickle Me Pink, Nice & Naughty Nice & Naughty Bourbon Barrel Aged, Dark Currant, Riverwood Brut 2014, Rhubarbarian, Pommeau (2013 Harvest, 2015 Release), Ginja Ninja, Sun’s Out Saison, Return of the MackHop and StalkLa Mûre, Cot in the Act, Hollow Jack, Traditions Cider Bouche 2015, Traditions Riverwood 2015, Flight of the Kiwi, Prickle Me Pink ^2, Afton Field, Traditions Cidre Bouche 2016, Man Gogh, Pacific Pineapple, Passion Statement, Easy Peasy, Pearadise, Boysenbarrel, Easy Squeezy, Two Thorns, Camp Clementine, Kingston Black, Hollow Jack’d, Cosmic Currant, Branch & Barrel, Blueberry Daze
7 Bev / Queen Orchard:
Green Man
 Pumpkin, Pineapple, Blackjack 21, Apple-Honey, Apple, Guava, Berry, Joker, Space (Blood Orange), Mango
AeppelTreow Winery:  Barn Swallow, Appely Doux, Sparrow Spiced, Blackbird Berry-Apple, Kinglet Bitter, Perry
Alter Ego:  The Guardian Angel, The Brute
Alpenfire:  DungenessSpark, Smoke 1ApoCalypso (1) and ApoCalypso (2), Ember, Simple Cider, Calypso 1, Pirate’s Plank, Glow, Cinders, Shrub, Spiced Tonic Shrub, Traditional Heirloom Cider (batch 1 or 2), Flame, Traditional Heirloom Cider (unknown batch), Tempest, Foxwhelp SV, Rosy Pommeau, 3 Pommes, Kingston Black, Golden Fox, Smoke 2, Traditional Cuvée, Calypso 2
Angioletti: Secco
Angry Orchard:
Crisp AppleTraditional DryElderflower, Summer Honey, The Muse, Iceman, Stone Dry, The Old Fashioned, Knotty Pear, Walden Hollow, Easy Apple, Understood in Motion: 01 (collaboration with Eden), Tapped Maple, Spiced Apple, Maple Wooden Sleeper, Understood in Motion 02 (collaboration with EZ Orchards), Pear, Rosé, Understood in Motion 03 (collaboration with Tom Oliver), Dear Brittany, Crisp Apple Unfiltered
Anthem: Cider, Raz & Boyz, Ap-Bee-Cot (Apricot-Honey), Rose Pinot, Cherry, Hops, Pear, Rye Barrel Aged
Anyday Brands:  Anyday Rosé
Applegarden Farm:  Hard Cider
Apple Outlaw:  Oaked Sweet Dark Cherry, Blackberry Bounty, Original, Tangerine Twist, Ginger Bite, Cranberry Jewel, Thompson Creek Whiskey Barrel Aged, Chocolate Raspberry, Thompson Creek Creekside, Pineapple Getaway
Archibald James:  Smash Apple
Argus:  Ciderkin, Ginger Perry, Perennial 2013, Apple Bomb
Art+Science:  Symbiosis
Aspall: Dry Cider, John Barrington, Imperial (black label), Demi Sec, Imperial (blue label), Grand Cru, Perronelle’s Blush
Attila: Scourge of GodRapture (Grape)
Austin Eastciders: Texas Honey, Pineapple
Aval: Cidre Artisinal
Avid (prev. Atlas): Hard Apple CiderHard Blackberry Cider, Pom-Cherry, Hard Apricot Cider, Cinnamon Pear, Session Cider, Dragonfruit, Pineapple Mango, Watermelon Rhubarb
Bad Granny: Green Apple, Black Currant, Rainier Cherry, Honeycrisp, Reserve
Barns Etc / Hard Cider Shed:
Country Elegance Heirloom Blend Medium
Peach Raspberry, Dry, Orange Blossom, Loganberry, Kir Royale
Bembel with Care:  Apfelwein Pure
 Sidra Natural, Edicion Gourmet
Bertolinos: Hard Cider
Big B’s
:  Grizzly Brand (bourbon barrel aged), Pear Supply, Lazy Daze Lemon
Bishop Cider: Nectar
 Pacific Peach, Splash
Blue Moon Winery: Raven’s Moon Apple Cider, Raven’s Moon Apple Raspberry, Raven’s Moon Ragged Ass Road
Blue Mountain: Peach, Semi-Sweet, Estate Winesap, Pete Limely
Boonville Cider House:  Bite Hard Dry, Bite Hard Semi-Sweet, Sancho Libre Peach Sangria
Boulevard Brewing Co.: City Market Cider
Brooklyn Cider House: 
Still Bone Dry, Half Sour, Kinda Dry
Brownrigg:  Rum Barrel Aged 1, Rum Barrel Aged 2
Bull Run
: Strawberry Fields, Gravenstein Single Varietal Medium Dry Cider, Bramble Berry, Pear Ice Wine, Mango
Burrow Hill: Medium Dry
Bushwhacker Cider: Forgotten Trail (actually Alice?), Forgotten Trail
BX Press: Bandit
Black Currant Scrumpy, Sugar and Spice, Slake, First Fruits, AHH!!! Apricot Honey Habanero, Bourbon Barrel Peachy Keen, Citizen, Impearial, Carry Nation, Sidra Natural, Summer Set
Cascadia Ciderworkers United: Dry, Grapefruit Tangerine, Green Apple
Central City: Limited Edition Imperial Cider
Centre Ring: Reserve Pear
Channel Marker: Lavender Bergamot, Cucumber Blackberry, Quince
Chatter Creek: Pilot Project Batch ‘1’ Golden Cider, Chaider Clipper, Barrel Roll, Kingston Black
Chelan Craft Cider: Cider with Lemon
Christian Drouin:
Pays d’ Auge, Poire
Ciderboys: British Dry
Cider Brothers:
William Tell Apple Mango Muscat, William Tell Dry Apple with Strawberry, William Tell Dry Hard Apple with Pinot Grigio, William Tell Dry Hard Apple, William Tell Dry Hard Apple with Wild Cherry
Cider Riot!: Never Give An Inch Oregon Blackberry, 1763, Champeg X-17, Burn Cider, Everyday Semi-Dry, San Patricios, Everyday Passionfruit, La Luna, Kingston Black, New Wave
Cidergeist: Semi Dry, Dry Hopped
Cidre de Rhuys:  Brut
Cidrerie Daufresne: Poire, Brut Cidre
Cidrerie du Vulcain: Transparente, Premiers Emois, Trois Pépins
Cidrerie Loïc Raison: Celt Cidre Breton Traditionnel
Cidrerie Milton: CID Original
Citizen Cider:
Wit’s Up, Mr. Burlington, Ms. Burlington, Tulsi
Clos des Ducs: French Cidre
Cockrell:  Valley Red, Original, Edgewood Heirloom, Pub Cider, Johanna Star, Call Me Dusty, Raspberry Habanero, Colonial Winter
Colorado Cider: Ol’ Stumpy
Coquerel Calvodos:
Common Cider Company:
Hibiscus Saison, Pineapple Guava
 Ballyhook Flyer, Dalliance 2012
Crispin: Original, Pacific Pear,  Blackberry Pear, The Saint, Bohemian, Honeycrisp, Venus Reigns, Steeltown, 15 Men, Browns Lane, Bourbon CharRosé
D’s Wicked: Baked Apple, Chanilla, Cranny Granny, Bare Naked, Tropical
Dan Armor:  Cuvée Spéciale Cidre BrutPoire (perry)
Dan Kelly’s: Irish Cider
Devoto Orchards: 1976 Semi-Dry Cider
Doc’s Draft:  Raspberry, Pumpkin, Sour Cherry
Domaine de la Minotiere: Cidre Fermier Bio Doux, Cidre Fermier Bio Brut
Domaine du Verger:
Rosé Cidre Bouche
Domaine Pacory:  Poire Domfront(perry) , Cidre Le Costaud
Dominion: Magic Hour
Double Mountain:
Jumpin Jack Heirloom Cider, Dry, Arkansas Black, Wickson Crab #1 & #2
Downeast: Original, Winter, Cranberry
Dragon’s Head:  Traditional CiderWild Fermented, Kingston Black, Columbia Crab, Methode Champenoise Perry, Perry, Manchurian, Summer Cider, Heritage, Heritage Rosé
Dublin’s Pub: Irish Cider
Dunkertons: Dry, Perry, Black Fox
Eaglemount: QuinceHomestead Dry, Cyser, Homestead Semi-Sweet, Rhubarb, Raspberry, Apple Dessert Wine, Harvest Apple Wine, Perry
Eden:  Sparkling Dry, Cinderella’s Slipper, Heirloom Blend Ice CiderSparkling Semi-Dry, Northern Spy (Barrel Aged) Ice Cider, Honeycrisp Ice Cider, Imperial 11 Rosé, Heirloom Blend Apple Brandy Barrel Aged, Guinevere’s Pearls, Windfall Orchard Ice Cider, Two Ellies (collaboration with Tilted Shed), The Falstaff, Heritage Cider 2018 (canned), Siren Song 1, Ezekiel Kingston Black, Harvest Cider 2019 (canned), Extra Sec, Claudine (keeved), Peak Bloom, Deep Cut, Siren Song 2, Benjamin, Beeflustered, Brut Rosé
Edgefield (McMenamins): Hard Cider
Elemental: Cherry, Carbon (Traditional Dry) Recipe 1, Carbon (Traditional Dry) Recipe 2,  Oxygen (Pomegranate), Blood Orange, Pom-Cherry, Seasonal Spiced Apple, Margarita (Jalapeno Lime Cilantro), Lavender-Rose, Hydrogen (Grapefruit), NW Atomic Rootbeer Draft Recipe 1, NW Atomic Rootbeer Draft Recipe 2, NW Atomic Rootbeer Bottled Recipe 1, Margarita Randall with Strawberries/Mango/Lime, Pomegranate-Rose, Blackberry Cobbler, Lemoncello, Mango, Blood Orange, Pom-Lavender, Black Currant, Acai
Elk Horn Brewing: Grape Perry, Cherry’s Pie
Embark: Dream Cicle Field of Dreams
Eric Bordelet:
Poire Authentique, Nouvelle Vague Sidre, Sidre Tendre, Sidre Brut Tendre
Etienne Dupont: Cidre Bouche Brut Normandie 2011, Cidre Triple, Pommeau
Eve’s Cidery: Beckhorn Hollow, Autumn’s Gold, Kingston Black, Rustica, Scatterseed, Albee Hill
E.Z. Orchards:  Semi Dry, Roman Beauty, Hawk Haus, Poire, Williamette Valley 2011 Cidre, Pomme (Pommeau)
Farnum Hill:  Extra Dry, Dooryard, Kingston Black, Semi Dry
Far West:  San Joaquin Sparkler, Orchard Blend No. 1, Proper Dry
Fenceline:  Whip & Tongue, Spur Bearer, Pommeau
Ferme de Beau Soleil:
  Cidre Fermier Bio
Finnegan:  Harvest Blend, Semi-Dry
Finnriver: Black Currant, Lavender Black Currant, Fire Barrel 2015, Fire Barrel 2017, Fire Barrel 2018Habanero, Oak & Apple, Honey Meadow, Cyser CiderCountry Peach, Barrel Berry Sour, Pear, Cranberry Rosehip, Pommeau, Black Currant Brandywine, Barrel in the Forest (barrel aged Forest Ginger), Artisan Sparkling Brut, Solstice Saffron, Crew Selection Black Currant, Raspberry Brandywine, Blackberry Spirited Wine, Cacao & Pear Brandywine, Liberry Brandywine, Farmstead Semi-Sweet, Pear Wood, Apple Abbey, Pomona’s Nectar, Chimacum Kriek, Dry Hopped, Summit Saison, Golden Russet, Bourbon Barrel Aged Heritage
Flatbed Cider: Crisp Apple, Pear Cider
Florence Loisel: Cidre Breton “Gosne”
Foggy Ridge:  Serious Cider
Fox Barrel: Pacific Pear
Fox Tail:  Fuzzy Haven, Sweet Tooth
Fraser Valley: Honey
Frecon Farms: Scrumpy
Fresh Cut:  Watermelon Cider
Gabbie’s: Semi Dry
Gitche Gumee: Entropy
Golden State:
 Mighty Dry
Gowans: 1876 Heirloom
Grand Illusion:  Mystic Citra Pineapple, Blue Illusion, Street Magic
 Huckleberry, Sweet Orange Cinnamon, Cedar Cider, Lavender Blackberry, Cherry, Red River Wolf Crab, Blush, Peach, Lingonberry, Dry, Whiskey Barrel Heirloom
Griffin Cider Works:  Strong Woman Cherry
Grizzly Ciderworks:  The Ridge, Woodlander Wit, Pomnivore, The Bruin
Hard Pressed Cider Company: Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed for Cider
Hard Row to Hoe: The Other Cider of the Lake
Tremletts Bitter
Hemly Cider: Pear Cider
Vintage, Dry
Herb’s Cider: Triplet Special Reserve, Blue Note Heirloom Blueberry, 7/4 Traditional Bittersharp, Crescendo Cox Orange Pippin SV, Forte Keeved Golden Russet, Cider Summit Fruit Challenge Plum Jerkum
Honesty Box: 
Cidre with Pear
Cotentin Extra-Brut, Cotentin Brut, Pommeau, Coup de Foudre, D-Day Commemorative Brut, Micro-Cuvée No. 1
 Medium CiderPicker’s Passion, Hazy Daisy, Vintage Perry
Honest Abe: cider
Honey Moon Mead & Cider: CiderHead Original, CiderHead Quince, CiderHead Bourbon Barrel, CiderHead Pineapple Rum
Honeywood Winery: Hard Apple Cider
Hopworks Urban Brewery: HUB Hard Cider
Hornsby: Crisp Apple
Idun Cider: Heirloom Dry
The Explorer Hopped Cider, Lemongrass Lure, The Scout Hopped Marionberry, Compass Rosé, White Peach
Independent Cider: Lavender Perry, Barreled Blackberry Perry
Jester & Judge:
Sharp Cherry, American Apple, Columbia Belle, Pineapple Express, Nowhere Special
J.K.’s Scrumpy:  Northern Neighbor, Orchard Gate Gold, Farmhouse Summer, Cuvee Winterruption
Julian Hard Cider: Cherry Bomb, Apple Pie
Kite & String: Baldwin, Honeoye, Royal Cider
Kupela: Basque Cider
OpalyneCuvée XVII, Kalysie
La Chouette: Cidre Demi-SecRosé Cidre
Le Brun: Organic Cidre, Poire, Brut
Cidre Brut, Winter Cidre
Left Field:
Little Dry, British Dry
Le Pere Jules: Brut, Cidre de Normandie
L’Hermitiére: Cidre Brut
Liberty Ciderworks: Manchurian Crabapple Single VarietalCrabenstein, English Style, Abbess, Stonewall Dry Fly Whiskey Barrel Aged, Gravenstein, Cellar Series #G15, New World Style, Cellar Series (unknown), McIntosh, Golden Russet SV, Spokane Scrumpy, Hewe’s Crab, Porter’s Perfection, Pink Pearl SV, Kingston Black SV, Lafayette (keeved), 55 Chain
Locust: Sweet Dark Cherry, Original Dry, Green Tea Infused, Washington Dessert Apple, Bittersweet Reserve, Pumpkin, Thai Ginger, Bourbon Barrel Aged, Winesap, Alder Smoked Apple, Mango, Elder & Oak, Wabi Sabi, Apricot 1, Sweet Aged Apple, Berry Session, Smoked Blueberry, Vanilla Bean, Winter Banana, Chili Pineapple, Seckel Perry, Hibiscus, Honey Pear (drier), Apricot 2, Watermelon, Pineapple, Honey Pear (sweeter), New England Amber, Peach Ginger
Loic Raison: 1923 Brut
Lonetree:  Apple Peach
Long Drop:
Tanager Pear Cider, Vanilla Honey, Derby Canyon, Semi-Sweet, Electric Cherry, Over Yonder, Strawberry Vanilla
Longueville: House Cider
Louis Raison: Organic Dry, Rouge Delice
Maeloc: Dry
Magners: Original
Manchester Road:  42, Apple Sox Red
Manoir de Grandouet: Cidre Fermier BrutAOP Pays d’Auge Cidre
Manoir De Montreuil: Cambremer
Manoir du Parc:  Authentic Cidre, Authentic Rosé
Marquis de Saint-Loup: Cidre de Normandie Brut
 Edgefield Flagship, Edgefield Black Cherry
Merridale Cider: Scrumpy Cider, House Craft Cider, Cyser
Methow Valley: Honey Bear
Millstone Cellars:  Cobbler, Farmgate Dry
Mission Trail:  Perry
Miloslawski: Perry
Moa Cider:
Montana Ciderworks:  Darby Pub Cider, North Fork Traditional, Spartan Dry-Style, Small Batch Dolgo
Moonlight Meadery:  How do you Like them Little ApplesHow do you like them ApplesBoys N Berries, Last Apple, Crimes of Passion, Thirteen 5, Virtue
Nashi Orchards:  Issho Ni cider, Chojuro Blend asian pear perry (trial #1, trial #2), Barrel Fermented cider, Island Harvest perry, Black Swan cider, Idyllacres Bittersweet cider
Newhall Farm: Ice Cider
Newton Court: Panting Partridge Perry, Gasping Goose Cider
Newton’s Folly:  Authentic, Semi-Dry, Barrel Select Semi-Dry
Newtopia Cyder: Passionate Mishap
New West:
Black & Blue, Señor Cider
Nomad: The Original
North Idaho Cider:
Logger, Wild Cherry
Number 6 Hard Cider: True Cider, Pomegranate, Dry 99, Peach Fuzz, Peach
Number 12 Ciderhouse: Sparkling Dry, Sparkling Black Currant, and Chestnut Semi-Dry
Ole Swede: Blueberry, Blend of 9, Mulberry & friends, Bada Bing
Oliver’s:  Herefordshire Perry, Desire, Gold Rush
One Tree:  Lemon Basil, Caramel Cinnamon, Huckleberry, Dark Cherry, Crisp Apple, Raspberry, Pina Colada, Staycation, Tropical, Passionfruit Guava
Oregon Mead & Cider Co.: Free Press Dry Cider, Free Press Hopped Cider, Free Press Cyser
Original Sin: Elderberry, Cherry Tree, Pear, Northern Spy, Extra Dry
OR/WA Cider Collective: Wild Plum
Pear UP (formerly Neigel Vinters / NV Cider): Pear Essentials, Half Past Prudent, Cherry Perry, Watermelon Perry, Watermelon Raspberry Perry, Raspberry Perry, Pearjito Colada, Pearfect Pie, Pineapple Pear, Barrel Hoppin Pear, Grapefruit, Peargria II
Phillippi Fruit: Snow Dance
Pierre Huet: Cidre Bouche Brut, Pays D’Auge Cidre, Poire Demi-Sec, Calvados
Pilton: English Keeved
Pomarina: Sidra
Pomme De Coeur: Ice Cider
Portland Cider: Passion Fruit, Pearfect Perry, Kinda Dry, Hop’Rageous, London Dry Gin, Apple, Crooked Cock Scrumpy, Strawperry, Pineapple, Sangria, Mojito, Cranberry, Concord Grape, Perfect 10, Pumpkin Spice, Pineapple Rosé, Peach Berry, RazzBerry, Ciderade, Crangerine, Blueberry Bourbon Basil
Possmann: Pure CiderFrankfurter Applewine, Pure Cider Rosé Black Currant
Rambling Route: Yakima Cider, Pear Cider
Ramborn: Perry, Cascade Hopped Cider
Ratel Cider:
Dry Hopped
Red Branch: Peach, Cherry
Redstone:  Cyser
Red Tank:  
Happy Cider, Yukon Cornelius, Sour Cherry, Roughneck, Tropical, Pear Bear
Reverend Nat’s: Revival, ¡Tepache!, Hopland #5 / Envy, Newtown Pippin, Ciderkin, Winter Abbey SpiceHallelujah Hopricot, Deliverance Gin & Tonic, Revival Dry, Sacrilege Sour Cherry, The Passion, Whiskey Barrel Aged Golden Russet with Black Currant, New Moon Mandarin, Viva la PineappleRevelation Belle de Boskoop, Wooden Helfire, Tassjara Peach Book, Saint Citron, Holy Water(melon)
Rock Creek: Dry Cider
Rocquette: Exceptional Cider
Rogue: Fruit Salad Cider
Rootwood:  Lot 17
Ross on Wye: Traditional Farmhouse Medium Dry Lightly Carbonated
Runcible Cider: Light of the Moon, Old Hoot
Rustic Roots: Snow Cider
Ruwet: Cidre
Salt Spring Wild Cider: 
Samuel Smith’s: Organic Cider, Organic Perry
Sandford Orchards: The General, Chestnut Cask, Straw & Oak
Scenic Road:  Razz
Schilling: Oak Aged, Gold, Grapefruit, Chaider, Ginger, Hopped, Sriracha Lime, Barrel #1, Barrel #2, Mischief Maker Pom-Cran, Grumpy Bear Coffee Nitro, Pineapple Passion, LumberJack (Rhubarb), Blackberry Pear, Dry, King’s Shilling, Vanilla Clove, Raspberry Smoothie, Peach Grapefruit Habanero, Bailout, Trouble in Paradise, Blueberry Cobbler, French Bittersweet, Pippin, Afterglow, Road Trip (Peach Citra), Grapefruit & Chill, Boysenberry Pommeau, Excelsior, Campfire, Watermelon Mint, Red Wine Barrel Aged Pommeau, Passionfruit Lime, Imperial Passport, Impearial, Blueberry Pommeau, Guava Mint, Imperial Brut
Sea Cider: Prohibition, Kings & Spies, Bramble Bubbly, Bittersweet, Wassail, Birds and the Bees, Flagship, Ruby Rose, Witch’s Broom, Wolf in the Woods, PerrySassamanash
Seattle Cider Co.: Semi-Sweet, PNW Berry, Olympic Honey, Plum Gose, Oaked MapleHarvest Series Gravenstein Rosé, Gose, Dry, Gin Botanical, City Fruit, Heirloom, Lavender Lemon, Cucumber Hibiscus, City Fruit, New England Style, 2015 Washington Heirloom, Winesap Rose, Red Wine Barrel Berry, Pineapple Agave, Strawberry Guava
Shacksbury:  Citrus Cider Spritz
Sheppy’s:  Oak Matured Somerset Cider Vintage Reserve 2013, Somerset Draught
Sicera Cidre de Normandie: Florentin
Sidra Asturiana Mayador: Still Natural Cider, Sparkling Limited Release Natural Cider
Traditional Dry Cider
Sixknot: GoldilocksHigh Desert Dry
Slopeswell: Mystrale
 Old Sin, Hidden Star, Night Pasture
Smith & Forge: Hard Cider
Snowdrift: Cornice, Summer Red, Perry, Cliffbreaks Blend, Dry, Semi-Dry, Seckel Perry, Cidermakers Reserve, Orchard Select, Forefathers
Snow Capped Cider:  
6130′ Dry (2016), Gold Rush, Colorado Peach, Sour Cherry, Plum Lemongrass, 6130′ Dry (2020), JalaPEARno
Citrus Fruit, Apple Cider
Sonoma Cider:
Hatchet, Anvil, Pitchfork, Washboard, Crowbar, Pulley, Dry Zider, Dry Fuji, Wimble, Jax, Sleigh, Cutter
Soultree: Authentic Dry Cider
Soundbite: Two Plums Up
South City:
Original Blend
Specific Gravity:
2013 GravensteinNana Mae’s 2013 Early Harvest Gravenstein
Spin Cider:  An Apple for Teacher, Sammamish River Trail, Tour de Lopez
Spire Mountain: Dark & Dry, Red Apple, Sparkling Pear, Crisp and Dry, Dark & Dry Jack Daniels Barrel Aged, Dry Hop Apple
Square Mile: Original, Spur & VineRosé
Steelhead: Peargatory, Chimera Cherry Apple
Stella Artois: Cidre
Stem Ciders: Le Chene, Malice, Blood Orange Cyser, Remedy, Branch and Bramble, Whiskey Barrel-Aged Apricot, Pommeau
Stoked: Blue Palm
Stone Circle: Semi-Dry, Sour Cherry, Dry
 Gold Cider, Honey Apple, Red Berries, Ginger, British Dry, Cherry Blossom, Orange Blossom, Artisanal Blend, Original Dry, Rosé Apple, Pear Secco
Summit Cider: Apple, Apricot, Hibiscus, Blackberry
Swift Cider: Marionberry, Pineapple Hop, Peach Oak
Tart Cidery:  Granny’s Grudge
Three Kees: Dessert Apple
Tieton Ciderworks: Cidermaker’s Reserve, Apricot, Smoked Pumpkin, Wind (Pommeau), Wild Washington, Cherry, Blossom Nectar, Sparkling Perry, Cranberry, Bourbon Peach, Frost (ice cider), Spice Route, Russian Red, Lavender Honey, Oak Barrel Aged Cider Summit Collaboration, Organic, SV Harrison, Hazy Strawberry, Huckleberry, Blueberry
Tin City: Lilioko’i
Green Goblin, Gold
Thistly Cross Scottish: Traditional, Whisky Cask
Tilted Shed: Lost Orchard, Barred Rock, Smoked
Tod Creek:  Tod Cider Vancouver Island, Mala-Hop, Coastal Blue (blueberry)
Traditions Ciderworks:  Bourbon Barrel 2012Amity Rose 2012, Riverwood 2013, Pommeau (2011 Harvest, 2013 Release)
Tumalo Cider: Prickly Passion, Hibiscus
Two Rivers: Gravenstein, Huckleberry
Ulee’s Light Cider: Dry
Union Hill: Pinkheart, Hard Harvest
Urban Tree Cidery:
Original, Classic, Barrel-Aged, Harvest Apple, Sweet Heat Haze, Orange U an IPA?, Wild on Cherry
Vermont Cider Co.: Wassail, Addison, Cerise, Ingrained
Virtue: Mitten trial 1, Mitten trial 2, Cherry Mitten, LapinetteMitten trial 3, Michigan Brut
Viuda de Angelon Sidra: Brut, Sidra de Pera
Vizo: Green Apple, Elderflower
Võhu Vein:
Scandanavian Cider, Scandinavian Green Apple Cider, Scandi Pear
Wandering Aengus: Bloom, Wickson, WanderlustOaked Dry, Byrd, Golden Russet, Bittersweet, Wickson Barrel Aged, Cellar Door, Pommeau
Wards: Original, Festive
Washington Gold:  Original (Chelan Gold), Heritage, Cherry, Golden Delicious, Northwest Raspberry
Waupoos: Premium
Westcott Bay:  Semi-Dry
Westons: Caple Rd Blend No. 3
Whiskey Barrel Cider:
Dam Fine Cider, Triple Play
: Summer SwitchelKingston Black Whisky Barrel Aged, Red CapGravenstein Old Fangled Series 2012 HarvestGravenstein Old Fangled Series Barrel Aged, Northland, Winesap, Gibb’s Farm, Newtown Pippin, South Sounder, Jonathan
Wild Apple Hard Cider: Caramel Apple
Wildcide: Wild Mule
Wildcraft Cider Works:
 Snake River Rye, Wild Rose, Hard Cider, Blue River Blueberry, Elderberry Perry, Pioneer Perry, Farmhouse Gravenstein, Rome Beauty
William’s: Excalibur, Sir Perry
Windfall: Jackpot
  Double Barrel Whiskey Barrel Ice Cider, Heritage
Woodchuck: Spring, Summer Time, Fall Harvest, Winter Chill, Amber, Granny Smith, 802, Raspberry, Pear, Crisp, Gumption, Pink, Hopsation, Ciderbration, Local Nectar (VT), Sour Cherry, Chocolate, Farmhouse ’91, Barrel Select, Pumpkin, Belgian White, Mint, Splitter Splinter, Oopsy Daisy, Lazy Hazy Lemon CrazyHot Cha Cha Cha, Campfire Pancakes, Barrel Aged Cherry, Day Chaser, June and Juice, Semi-Dry, Ginger Lovin’, Summer Time Pear Ginger, Gumption Citrus Freak, Tank Series Pear Ginger, Cucumber Mint, Pearsecco, Rosé, 802 Lil’ Dry, Sangria
Woodinville Ciderworks:  Tropical, Asian Pear
Worley’s:  Special Reserve, Premium Vintage 2013, Mendip Hills, Red Hen
Wrangletown: Original, Oak Barrel Aged, Monument Apples Orchard, Fieldbrook Nursery Orchard
Wyder’s:  Pear, Raspberry, Reposado Pear, Prickly Pineapple
Zeffer:  Crisp Apple

I also enjoy mead, which is made from fermenting honey and water (no apples).
Æsir Meadery:  trip report (Blackberry Honey, Pomegranate, Haitian Spice, Licorice Root, Citrus, Madagascar Vanilla & Spanish Saffron, Traditional)
Author:  Semi-Sweet
Blue Dog:  
Green Collar
Charm City:  Sweet Blossom
Chaucer’s:  Mead, Raspberry Mead
: Apple, Cherry, Quince
Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Varietal Honey Naturally Sparkling Mead
Hidden Legend:  Honey Mead, King’s Mead, Dark Mead
Moonlight Meadery:
  Kurt’s Apple Pie, Sumptuous Mango
Nectar Creek: Honeycone, Waggle, Nectarade, Top Bar
Oliver’s:  Camelot Mead
Redstone:  1 unknown canned variety
Superstition Meadery:  trip report (notes on Blueberry Spaceship Box, Lagrimas de Oro, Alexander the Grapefruit, Tahitian Honeymoon, Amnesia, Let Them Eat Cake, Maple Stinger, Mad Hatter, Marion Mead, Safeword, Honey Highway, Ragnarok, & Barrel Aged Ragnarok); Hawaiian Honeymoon
Sky River:  trip report (Dry, Semi-Sweet, Ginger, Blackberry, Rose, Brochet, & Solas), Cherry Vanilla

I’ve also occasionally included some reviews of alternative beverages other than cider and mead.
Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade
Hi-Wheel Wine & Mead:
  Lavender Lemon
J. Seeds: Apple Cider Whiskey
Mission Trail fruit wines / jerkums: Peach Coast, Plum Jerkum, Goldmine Nectarine
Not Your Father’s:
Root Beer
Truly Spiked & Sparkling:
Colima Lime Hard Seltzer
White Claw: Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

Event Reports:
I’ve reviewed a number of cider events too.
Seattle International Beerfest 2015 in Seattle WA: preview, event & tasting notes
WA Cider Week Kickoff 2015 at Seattle Cider:  event & tasting notes
Capitol Cider 2015 tasting with Bill Bradshaw:  event & tasting notes
East Meets West 2015 with Alpenfire & Eden:
 event & tasting notes
Cider Summit 2015 in Seattle WA:  
preview1, preview2event, tasting notes
Port Townsend Cider Route in Feb 2016:  
road trip report & tasting notes
Cider Summit 2016 in Seattle WA:  
preview, event, tasting notes
Summer Cider Day 2016 in Port Townsend WA:  
preview, event, tasting notes
Debuts and Discoveries 2017 in Seattle WA: 
event & tasting notes
Cider Rite of Spring 2017 in Portland OR:  
preview, event, tasting notes
WA Cider Week Preview 2017 at Capitol Cider:  tasting notes
Cider Summit 2017 in Seattle WA:  preview, event, tasting notes
Cider Tasting Class in 2018 with Reverend Nat West:  event & tasting notes
Cider Summit 2018 in Seattle WA:  preview, event, tasting notes
WA Cider Week Preview 2019 at Dragons Head:  tasting notes
Cider Summit 2019 in Seattle WA:  preview

Schilling Cider House:
The Schilling Cider House remains my favorite place for cider in Seattle.  See my series of dozens of tasting notes HERE.

5 thoughts on “Ciders I’ve Tried

  1. Hey! I’m a colleague of Aaron’s at Boeing and wanted to share a couple of favorite ciders of mine. Square Mile: Hard Apple Cider (they’re going for a real unique name there =P) and also Blackthorn: Gold (I believe). I’ll let you form your own opinions rather than give you my review =)


    • Hi Melissa–thanks for checking out my blog!

      I had Square Mile Original awhile back but I think I literally got a bad bottle (apparently there was a recall around the same time for re-fermenting in the bottle), so I just picked up another one today actually. I’ve had Blackthorn (only one variety available in the U.S.). The “new” Strongbow is called “Gold” though. I’m not a fan of either of those, but Blackthorn is better than Strongbow. Crispin Browns Lane (tall green cans, at Fred Meyer or Total Wine) is pretty similar to Blackthorn and I like it better.

      Some of my favorite commercial ciders are Woodchuck Winter & Private Reserve Barrel Select, Spire Mountain Dark & Dry, & Crispin Browns Lane.

      Some of my favorite craft ciders are Reverend Nat’s Revival, Thistly Cross Whisky Cask (Traditional is pretty similar if you find that though), 2 Towns the Bad Apple, Eaglemount Quince, Alpenfire Spark, and Finnriver Lavender Black Currant.

      Good places around here to buy cider are Total Wine, Full Throttle Bottles (Georgetown), & Special Brews (Lynnwood). We’re sure lucky to live in the PNW where there is so much cider.

      Cider Says is also on Facebook:

      Maybe we’ll see you at CIder Summit? I have a feeling I’ll be there all day both days, as its only 5 hours each day and there are 160+ ciders to try. 🙂



      • Hey Kate!

        (sorry it took so long for me to get back to you)

        Thank you for sharing these cider names with me! I’ll have to try them 🙂

        Also very cool about Crispin Brown Lanes. I will have to try it for sure soon!

        I do plan on going to Cider Summit and I hope to see you there! Aaron tells me you are planning to spend the night down there. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to think about doing that as well =) would certainly be something new to do, and would encourage us to try some of the restaurants in that area that we’ve been meaning to try.


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  2. Very informative, thank you!! I just tried a gose style cider (Graft Lost Tropic) and loved it. Was on vacation in NY. Now I’m trying to find something similar in TX.

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