Sicera Cidre de Normandie Florentin

Review of Sicera Cidre de Normandie’s Florentin  It is my first time trying anything from this cidery.

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Cider:  Florentin
Cidery:  Sicera Cidre de Normandie
Cidery Location:  Normandy, France
ABV:  4.0%
How Supplied:  750ml corked bottles
Style:  French cidre

Photo Nov 23, 4 00 51 PM Photo Nov 23, 4 01 05 PM Photo Nov 23, 4 01 16 PM

Availability:  unknown

Cider Description (translated):  The Florentine is a cider with a fruity and fresh nose in the mouth.  There are notes of citrus and pine.  The varieties of apple that make up this cider: Red Binet, Caillouel, Clos Renaud, Judor, Petit.  The Florentine is the result of a fermentation on native (natural) yeast for 5 months.  The yeasts present in the fruit and atmosphere of the cellar are called indigenous yeasts.

Cidery Description:  The family property “Amfreville” is located in Eturqueraye in Calvados appellation area, in the heart of Normandy, between the Seine Valley and the Risle Valley.  The apples are all from our family orchards. We work 10 hectares of tall orchards and 10 hectares of low stems. We grow 15 varieties of apples belonging to the groups: bitter, sweet, bittersweet and tart.  Each cider is made up of several varieties of apples, each of which has its importance: the bitter ones bring structure, the bittersweet their aromas, the sweet ones for the sugar and finally the acidulated ones structure the product and bring freshness. 

Price:  ~$20 CAN ?
Where Bought:  Victoria B.C. Canada
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  browsing, at a cruise port

Photo Nov 23, 4 03 43 PM

First Impression:  Light gold hue.  Smells of apple pomace and funk.  Moderate carbonation.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-dry.  Light bodied with a fluffy texture from the natural carbonation.  Low tartness, acidity, tannins, and funk.  No bitterness or sourness.  Notes of apple pomace, apricot, and lemon.  Moderate length finish.  Moderate apple flavor, complexity, and flavor intensity.  High sessionability.

My Opinion:  I enjoyed it.  Drier and less rich (more fruity) than most other French ciders, which made it unique.

Most Similar to:  Kystin Opalyne

Closing Notes:  I thought this was a neat find in Victoria, one that I hadn’t seen previously, and such a pretty label.

Have you tried French cider?  What did you think?

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