Cider Summit Seattle, 218 Ciders Paired Down to a List of 33 I Want to Try

The countdown to Cider Summit Seattle continues!  Last week they released their list of cideries & ciders.  I count 218 ciders.  I spent several hours making a spreadsheet of them, researching, and prioritizing, as unfortunately it will be impossible to try them all (and would be cost-prohibitive at $2 a taste).

I decided to choose ciders that were more expensive, rare, not available here, and of course, likely to be to my tastes.  I ended up with 33, which sounds doable over two days.  I was surprised how many cideries I haven’t had a chance to try anything from.  I also have some second tier options, even after eliminating those I’ve tried before and didn’t sound interesting, but I kinda doubt I’ll get to them!


Eden Specialty Ciders:  Heirloom Blend and Sparkling Semi-Dry  (I have never tried their ciders)

Attila Hard Cider Co.:  Rapture  (I have their Scourge of God at home to try)

Neigel Vintners (NV) Cider:  Cherry Perry  (I’ve tried a couple of their perries, and even had an interview with them)

2 Towns CIderhouse:  Bourbon Barrel 2012  (I recently tried their Cider Master Reserve Batch 01 that was barrel aged)

Apple Outlaw:  Oaked Sweet Dark Cherry  (I have never tried their ciders)

Artisinal Imports, Farnum Hill Ciders:  Dooryard and Extra Dry  (I have never tried their ciders)

E.Z. Orchards:  Roman Beauty, Hawk Haus, Semi Dry, and Poire  (I have never tried their ciders)

Dragon’s Head Cider:  Traditional, Manchuian, and Pippin  (I have Wild Fermented at home to try)

Eaglemount Wine and Cider:  Homestead Dry  (their Quince is amazing!)

Finnriver:  Cyser, Country Peach, and Cacao Brandywine  (I have never seen any of these in stores but I’ve tried several of their ciders)

Bull Run Cider:  Pear Wine  (I have never tried their ciders)

Half Pint Ciders, 101 Ciderhouse:  Black Dog Black Cider  (sounds really interesting with activated charcoal; really didn’t like their Cactus Red though)

Liberty Ciderworks:  Macintosh Single Varietal, English Style Cider  (I liked their Manchurian Crabapple and have their Stonewall Dry Fly Barrel Aged at home to try)

Millstone Cellars:  Farmgate Dry  (I want to give them another try after not caring for Cobbler)

Montana CiderWorks:  Darby Pub Cider  (I have never tried their ciders)

Moonlight Meadery:  How do you like them Apples Bourbon Barrel  (I loved their How do you like them Little Apples Bourbon Barrel; note these are ciders with honey, not mead, and are not available in bottles)

J.K.’s Scrumpy:  The Pair Perry  (their Northern Neighbor is pretty good; this one doesn’t appear to be sold in my area yet though)

Sea Cider:  Bittersweet, Bramble Bubbly, and Perry  (their Prohibition is awesome)

Snowdrift Cider Co.:  Perry and Cliffbreaks Blend  (I love their Cornice and Red)

Whitewood Cider Co.:  Kingston Black Whiskey Barrel Aged  (I’ve heard this is good but isn’t out in bottles yet; I wasn’t a fan of their Summer Switchel though)

Has anyone tried any of these ciders?  If you are going to Cider Summit Seattle, what do you plan to try?

4 thoughts on “Cider Summit Seattle, 218 Ciders Paired Down to a List of 33 I Want to Try

    • Trouble: Thats a huge bummer. But have no fear, I plan on many Cider Summit Seattle 2015 related blog posts! One for each tasting event I go to that surrounds the summit, one on the summit, and one or more on the ciders I taste at the summit.

      This page will summarize them all (as I’m tagging them “Cider Summit”):

      Its also great to read that you are also in the Seattle area! Its especially good for you as you can actually find all the ciders I review (vs. those in other areas wouldn’t be able to get many of the PNW ones). Thanks for reading!

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  1. That’s awesome that you made a spreadsheet! Would you mind sharing that with me? I’d like to have an idea of the ones I want to try before going as well. Unfortunately I’ll only be able to (hopefully) go on Friday (wedding to go to on Saturday).

    Look forward to seeing you!

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    • Melissa: I emailed you the spreadsheet-enjoy! I think there are way too many ciders to go in blindly, so its great you are also planning ahead. I prioritized the ciders not available here, expensive ones, etc. Thankfully I eliminated a bunch that I had tried before or won’t interested in, but that still left about half of them, so its tough. Hopefully 33 is doable though over 2 days…

      We should definitely meet up! I’m planning to arrive when they open at 2pm on Friday (VIP ticket; regular is 3pm) and stay until I’m cidered out, then do the same Saturday starting at noon. Its great there are in & out privileges, so I may take a dinner break if nothing there looks good.

      I’ll be wearing the hot pink CiDER SAYS t-shirt and a purple paisley Vera Bradley backpack, so I should be fairly easy to spot lol (or else text Aaron or something).


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