Tieton Hazy Strawberry

Review of Tieton’s Hazy Strawberry.  It is my first time trying this, but I have had most of their line-up (see here).

Cider:  Hazy Strawberry
Cidery:  Tieton Cider Works
Cidery Location:  Yakima WA
ABV:  6.9%
How Supplied:  six pack of 12oz cans (and kegs)
Style:  American craft cider from dessert apples with strawberries

Photo May 08, 6 56 49 PM Photo May 08, 6 57 25 PM Photo May 08, 6 57 13 PM

Availability:  seasonally, around May thru August, at least in AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, IL, NJ, NM, NV, OR, TX, and WA; check their cider finder

Cider Description:  As Washington farmers we like to support local growers and Northwest strawberries are some of the very best!  This blend of hand-picked juicy strawberries and fresh-pressed cider pours as a ruby blush.  It is unfiltered for added body and accentuated flavors.  Enjoy this fruity summer beverage with smoky bar-b-que and fresh cheeses.

Cidery Description: From our orchards to your glass, TCW controls every aspect of the growing and cidermaking process. TCW boasts the largest orchard of cider apple varieties in Washington state and the largest Perry pear orchard in the United States. We blend our cider fruit with all Washington apples. We’ve been growing apples, apricots, cherries and pears on Harmony Orchards – our family farm – since the 1930’s and are thrilled to be involved in Re:interpreting the tradition of cider making.

Price:  ~ $2 / single can (runs ~ $11.99 / six pack)
Where Bought:  Trader Joes (note that they will sell a single can/bottle of any multi-pack, and don’t mark it up beyond the unit price like most other stores)
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  browsing the store, although I saw it first in the Hard Cider Appreciation Society Facebook group

Photo May 08, 6 56 23 PM

First Impression:  Deep red-pink hue.  Very low carbonation.  Smells of mild sweet berry.

Tasting Notes:  On the sweeter side of semi-dry.  Light to medium bodied.  Moderate tartness and acidity.  No sourness, bitterness, funk, or tannins.  Notes of strawberry and granny smith apple.  Quick tart finish.  Low apple flavor and complexity.  Moderate flavor intensity.  High sessionability.

My Opinion:  I liked it.  Interestingly it tasted much drier than the stated sugar content (19g / can), I’m guessing because of the tartness.  Nice real strawberry flavor.

Most Similar to:  My list says I’ve only tried four strawberry ciders (from Bull Run, Cider Brothers – William Tell, Longdrop, and Seattle Cider), and the later 2 had additional flavors.  Tieton Hazy Strawberry is most like Bull Run Strawberry Fields, with a similar level of sweetness and flavor profile.

Closing Notes:  I like being able to pick up single cans/bottles of multipacks, so I don’t get stuck with selections I don’t like, although in this case I wouldn’t have minded having 5 more cans.

Have you tried Tieton Hazy Strawberry?  What did you think?

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