Blue Moon Winery Raven’s Moon Apple Cider

Review of Raven’s Moon Apple Cider from Blue Moon Winery in British Columbia.  I picked this up in Victoria, a port on our Alaska cruise.  This is the first time I’ve tried their cider.

2016-05-29 17.42.05

Cider:  Raven’s Moon Apple
Cidery:  Blue Moon Winery
Cidery Location:  Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
ABV:  8.5%
How Supplied:  500ml bottle
Style:  Canadian craft cider

2016-05-29 17.42.17 2016-05-29 17.42.24

2016-05-29 17.42.31 2016-05-29 17.42.36

Availability:  British Columbia; see a list of retailers on their website.

Cider Description:  A nice dry and crisp sparkling cider made from 100% pressed organic Heritage cider apples from Denman Island. Delightfully effervescent, and delicate on the palate, you will love sipping this all by itself on a hot day over ice, or serve with friends wand your favourite meal.  Best enjoyed in good company! Non pasteurized so keep cool. No water added nor concentrate.

Apple Cider is the original flagship product in the Raven’s Moon lineup. This is true artisan craft cider made from organically grown cider apples, including Pippins, Chisel Jersey and Dabinett. Don’t let the higher alcohol fool you – it contributes to a crisp dry backbone, which is fleshed out by delicious and refreshing full apple flavour, like biting into a juicy apple just plucked from the tree. A versatile sparkling cider for all occasions. 

This is their flagship cider, but they also make Blackberry, Asian Pear, Raspberry, and Bourbon Infused varieties.

Cidery Description:  At Blue Moon Winery and Ciderworx we grow, gather and ferment the flavors of the land to offer you hand-crafted award winning spirited fruit wines and sparkling ciders. Our inspiration comes from the scrumptious organic fruits collected from Vancouver Island, the ancient history of the craft of fermentation and the lively traditions we now seek to revive. Our award winning fruit wines and ciders are crafted from 100% BC organic fruit, picked at the peak of the harvest and created in small batches.

They have a tasting room in Courtenay British Columbia.

Price:  $7.50 CAN (~$5.63 USD)
Where Bought:  The Strath in Victoria B.C. Canada
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  Browsing.  I had never heard of them.

2016-05-29 17.44.02

First Impression:  Medium straw yellow.  Low carbonation.  Smells mild–sharp & tart, slightly musty, and of apples.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-dry.  Light to medium bodied.  Moderate tartness and acidity.  Low bitterness and tannins.  No sourness or funk.  Apple-forward with a flavor reminiscent of both cider apples and crab apples, honey, and citrus.  Moderate apple flavor.  Moderate sessionability.  Moderate flavor intensity.

My Opinion:  This has a nice flavor.  Its a bit on the sharp and boozy side, but I enjoy that (although it may not be for everyone).

Most Similar to:  It reminds me of some ciders from Liberty Ciderworks which use crab apples.

Closing Notes:   I think this cider is a great value (especially with the current exchange rate) for using organic cider apple varieties.  Too bad I probably won’t be able to get anything else from them for awhile, as their Bourbon Infused cider sounds awesome.

Have you tried Raven’s Moon cider?  What did you think?

2 thoughts on “Blue Moon Winery Raven’s Moon Apple Cider

  1. Hi,

    I bought one of these ciders tonight for my wife. We both tired and it and it must have been off if that’s possible as we found it to be undrinkable. This is too bad as the bottle was almost $9.00 and we were excited about trying a new premium cider. Has anybody else had this experience or was this an isolated case?

    Short on the crisp and heavy on the moldy funk taste:(



    • Hi! Sorry that happened. I have only tried this one once and it was as I reported here. However, I’ve had a number of bad bottles from a range of cideries. Some were truly bad, and some just tasted bad but that was the style (sour and/or funky). Its something that will happen once in awhile unfortunately.


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