PACORY Cidre Le Costaud

Review of PACORY’s Cidre Le Costaud.  This is a cidre from Normandy France.  I’ve previously tried their Poire Domfront (French perry).

2016-07-23 18.55.24.jpg

Cider:  Cidre Le Costaud
Cidery:  PACORY
Cidery Location:  Mantilly Normandy France
ABV:  7.0%
How Supplied:  750ml corked champagne bottle
Style:  French cidre made from traditional cider apples

2016-07-23 18.55.34 2016-07-23 18.55.43

Availability:  selected regions in the U.S.A. (imported by Charles Neal Selections, Richmond CA)

Cider Description:  This cider was made from a large number of traditional apple varieties grown on standard rootstock on our farm in southern Normandy.  It was aged for three months in old calvados barrels.

Cidery Description:  In the heart of the Bocage Domfrontais, pear and apple trees dominate our prairies.A from fruits selected with great care, we produce Calvados, Pommeau, Cider and Poiré. Created with passion and know-how acquired over many generations, our products are recognized for their exceptional quality. It is with pleasure that we invite you to discover these treasures Domfrontais.

Price:  $14.50
Where Bought:  Full Throttle Bottles in Seattle WA
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  Browsing.  I had previously enjoyed their Poire Domfront (French perry), so I thought I’d give this variety of their cidre a try, especially as I love barrel aged cider.

2016-07-23 18.57.21.jpg

First Impression:  Hazy amber orange brown.  Moderate carbonation.  Smells rich, sweet, and slightly sour.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-sweet.  Medium bodied, frothy mouthfeel.  Low tartness, bitterness, sourness, funk, and tannins.  Moderate acidity.  Notes of overly ripe apples, honey, orange, and brown sugar.  Moderate to high apple flavor.  Low sessionability.  Moderate complexity.  Moderate flavor intensity.

My Opinion:  This wasn’t what I expected.  I didn’t pick up any oak or Calvados (apple brandy) notes from the barrel aging.  I’m not a fan of sourness or funk, so I didn’t really enjoy this cider.  Their Domfront Poire wasn’t sour, so I hadn’t expected sourness.

Most Similar to:  Other cidre from Normandy France, which often has some sourness and funk, although is typically drier.

Closing Notes:   I think I’ll stick to the cidre from Brittany France, which is more to my liking, as it typically lacks the sourness and funk.

Have you tried PACORY Cidre Le Costaud?  What did you think?

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