Incline White Peach

Review of Incline Cider’s White Peach cider.  It is my first time trying this, but I have had their The Explorer Hopped CiderLemongrass LureThe Scout Hopped Marionberry, and Compass Rosé.

Cider:  White Peach
Cidery:  Incline Cider
Cidery Location:  Auburn WA
ABV:  6.9%
How Supplied:  19,2oz cans
Style:  American craft cider from dessert apples, with white peaches

Photo Apr 27, 5 33 23 PM Photo Apr 27, 5 33 40 PM

Availability:  mostly Washington & Oregon, plus Nevada, Idaho, Utah, & Alaska (see here)

Cider Description:  Our white peach cider is juicy, bright, crisp and refreshing because we use fresh peach juice and organic white peach extract. We hope you enjoy!

Cidery Description:  Utilizing only 100% fresh pressed apples as the base for ciders that stand in a category of their own. 

Price:  $4.49 / 1 can
Where Bought:  Total Wine
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  browsing

Photo Apr 27, 5 33 07 PM.jpg

First Impression:  Light gold hue.  Low carbonation.  Smells of sweet peach.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-dry.  Light bodied.  Moderate tartness.  Moderate to high acidity.  Hints of bitterness and tannins.  No sourness or funk.  Notes of peach, green apple, lemon, and apricot.  Quick finish.  Low to moderate flavor intensity.  Low apple flavor and complexity.  High sessionability.

My Opinion:  I liked it.  However, I would have liked a touch more sweetness and flavor, which probably would cut the tartness & acidity too.  It smelled more of peach than it tasted oddly enough.  Same with the level of sweetness (smelled sweeter than it tasted).

Most Similar to:  Blackfin Peach (however, my favorite peach cider remains Lonetree Apple Peach, which of course isn’t available locally)

Closing Notes:  Offering these larger cans only sold individually is a new idea.  I liked it, as I like to try new ciders, but not commit to them, so I’ll go to places like Total Wine which sell singles of multipacks.  This one doesn’t appear to be sold in a multipack even in other stores.  Due to this, the price ends up being a bit higher per ounce than most local craft canned multipack ciders.

Have you tried Incline Peach?  What did you think?

2 thoughts on “Incline White Peach

  1. I tried it for the first time, today… Quite possibly, the WORST Cider I have ever had in my life.. It taste like dirty socks. Sorry, but I will not purchase again. I wish I could have bought a single, rather than an entire 6pack… Yes, I’m dumpling the other 5,along with the rest of the first. Terrible product….


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