Schilling Cider House Visit 14 Tasting Notes

Tasting notes from my fourteenth visit to the Schilling Cider House in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle WA.  Check out my past posts with tasting notes here.  I was there on a Saturday afternoon with my husband and a friend, who was here from out of state.

2016-04-09 14.54.42

I started with a flight of four ciders.

2016-04-09 14.37.57
<left to right:  2 Towns Return of the Mac, Red Tank Sour Cherry, Reverend Nat’s Hallelujah Hopricot, and Schilling Cider Raspberry Smoothie>

2 Towns Return of the Mac, Corvallis OR, 8.9% ABV:  This is an unfiltered special release cider made with McIntosh apples, tap-only.  Darker slightly unfiltered hue.  Semi-sweet.  Smells and tastes very apple-forward.  Mild tartness and acidity.  A hint of bitterness.  Medium bodied.  Simple in flavor, but tasty.  This reminds me some of their Out Cider, but its sweeter and even more apple-forward.

Red Tank Sour Cherry, Bend OR, 5.4% ABV:  A seasonal tap-only release made with Montmorency cherries.  Mild cherry hue and scent.  Semi-dry.  Mild to moderate tartness and mild acidity.  There was (thankfully) no sourness, so I think this could be more accurately called Tart Cherry not Sour Cherry.  Light bodied.  True but mild cherry flavor.

Reverend Nat’s Hallelujah Hopricot, Portland OR, 6.7% ABV:  This is their flagship cider, but I’m not a huge hops fan, so I hadn’t tried it.  My husband however requested I get a taster (he’s a big Rev Nat’s fan).  Semi-dry.  Very mild floral scent.  Mild tartness and medium acidity with a hint of bitterness.  Medium bodied.  Stone fruit, floral, citrus, and hops notes.  The hops remained quite mild, more floral & citrus than hops.

Schilling Cider Raspberry Smoothie, Auburn WA, 3.5% ABV:  This is a new tap-only release, and literally a smoothie.  I imagine this wouldn’t have the shelf life of a regular cider due to its high fruit content and low alcohol content.  I couldn’t taste any alcohol or apples, but it was quite tasty and refreshing on a warm day.  Semi-sweet.  Mild to moderate tartness.  Very raspberry-forward, and they definitely used the real thing.  Very full bodied.  I actually ordered a full pint of this one, although that ended up being a bit much for me (it was quite filling, although I think it was just cider and fresh raspberries).

2016-04-09 14.59.59.jpg

While I was there they tapped a new keg, Cockrell Brewing’s Edgewood Heirloom cider.  I asked for a taste.

2016-04-09 15.09.01

Cockrell Brewing Edgewood Heirloom, Puyallup WA, 6.5% ABV:  This is their first cider made exclusively with apples from their own farm.  Smells mild, of crisp apples, champagne yeast, and citrus.  Semi-dry to semi-sweet.  Light bodied.  Mild tartness and acidity.  Mildly flavored.  Apple-forward.

My favorite was surprisingly the Raspberry Smoothie (I’d be interested in some background info on that one…very unique).  I also really liked 2 Towns Return of the Mac.  The Red Tank Sour Cherry, Rev Nat’s Hallelujah Hopricot, and Cockrell Edgewood were all rather average for me.

I actually didn’t buy any bottles, as I have quite a few at home at the moment.

Stay tuned for more Schilling Cider House tasting notes here at Cider Says!  Have you had any good draft cider / cider flights recently?

4 thoughts on “Schilling Cider House Visit 14 Tasting Notes

  1. I’m so jealous that you have cider houses in the west coast. I just may have to move out there.. After studying abroad in London, I got hooked on a good dry cider (not a fan of when they get too sweet) and I find them pretty hard to find, but maybe I’m not looking hard enough. Anyways, I love your blog – the reviews are great! Fun to read!

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    • Popcorn and Chocolate – Thanks for reading! I also enjoy a good dry English cider. We are quite lucky here in the Pacific Northwest with our cider bars and large cider selection. Often the best place to find cider is straight from the source–either the cidery’s tasting room, or some of them have online/phone sales. A few websites also sell specialty ciders. Examples are and There also used to be which has an awesomely huge selection, but their website is no longer working right. Other than that, independent specialty bottle shops (those that sell fancy rare beer) and the large liquor stores (Bevmo, Total Wine, etc) are likely to carry good craft cider. Grocery stores and small liquor stores usually don’t. What area do you live in? I might be able to try to make some specific store recommendations.

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