Hard Cider News Edition 1

Here are some recent hard cider news/articles/links I found interesting:

Cider Bars are Taking Root (New York Times)
Cider bars, what to expect, who frequents them

How Not Wanting to Waste Apples Led to a Successful Hard Cider Business (Yahoo News)
Profile on Reverend Nat’s Cider (Nat West)

Woodchuck Hard Cider Launches First US Advertising Campaign (PR News Wire)
Titled “Why Woodchuck”, it showcases Woodchuck as America’s original & authentic hard cidery.

Can a Brit Find Good Cider in America? (BBC News)
Profiles some of the (major) differences between British and U.S. cider and the current U.S. cider boom.

Ciders give America’s Favorite Fruits a Chance to Sparkle (Wisconsin Gazette)
Includes profiles on several U.S. cideries.

Angry Orchard Breaks Ground on Cidery in Walden (Westfair Communications)
Plans to make the new facility in New York their home for cider research, with a cidery for small batch experimentation.

Drink This Now: Hard Cider That is as Sophisticated as Wine (Bloomberg)
Cider growth, cider bars, and five modern American cider recommendations

Freshly Pressed: Winners of the Pacific Northwest Cider Awards Announced (Northwest Cider)
42 winners from 140 entries.  As special congrats to one of my favorites, Spire Mountain, for going 3/3.

Taste Test: 20 of America’s Best Artisinal (Alcoholic) Ciders (Eater)
Recommendations by category/dryness.  Includes one of my favorites, Rev Nat’s Revival (although unlike most of Rev Nat’s varieties I don’t pick up any similarities to beer).  Several other PNW cideries were also included: Traditions Ciderworks, 2 Towns, and Snowdrift.

Cider Styles Primer (North American Brewers Association)
Discussion of various cider styles, including draft, Farmhouse, New England, French, English, Perry, and Specialty.

The Chemistry of Cider (Compound Chem)
An interesting infographic about the chemistry of fermenting hard cider, including acids, tannins, aromas, and sweeteners.

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