Cider Says Blog Updates and the Ciders I’ve Tried Page

Blog Updates

Did you know that the Ciders I’ve Tried page has a running list of all the ciders I’ve tried, including links to reviews as applicable?  Check it out!  Let me know if you want info on any ciders I haven’t reviewed (which is mostly those I tasted before starting Cider Says).

I have also been updating the About, Cider Wish List, and Hard Cider Info pages over time, so if you haven’t had a look for awhile, they may be of interest.

Have any input on what you’d like to see here at Cider Says, have a cider recommendation, want to send a sample for review, spot an error, etc?  Contact me.

Where to Find Cider Says

Follow Cider Says on Facebook for post notifications and great cider-related posts I share from other folks.  You can also follow the blog directly by e-mail or on WordPress, using the sidebar (or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices), with the ability to adjust how often you get notification e-mails.

I’m in the cider subgroup on Reddit (as “ciderenthusiast”).

I’m on Cider Expert (as “cidersays”).  Its a cider review website currently in closed beta, but they are accepting some requests for accounts, especially for folks with some cider experience, such as bloggers.

I’m in the Hard Cider Appreciation Society group on Facebook (as “Kate Smith”).  For some reason folks using Facebook as a page (such as Cider Says) can’t post in groups, so I have to use my personal account.  Note that I don’t accept friend requests from folks I don’t know in real life though.

Have a great week!

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