Vacation Time

Hi everyone!  This is just a quick note that I’ll be on vacation for the next week (another cruise – yay), so there won’t be any new posts.  You can keep yourself occupied with my previous reviews though.  Have you checked out my Ciders I’ve Tried page lately?  Its a site index of sorts that literally lists every single cider I’ve tried, and the vast majority of them link to tasting notes or a review.



Cider Says turns two years old!

A big thank you to my readers for helping Cider Says reach a new milestone, its second anniversary!  I’ve really enjoyed sharing my cider journey with all of you.  Its been fun, and I look forward to more years of blogging.  In the past year I’ve made over 200 posts, and had 35,000 visitors.  The majority are from the U.S., but folks from several dozen other countries have visited as well (Canada and the UK are the next two most common).  This summer I’ll be attending several cider tasting events (including the epic Cider Summit Seattle!), so look forward to some awesome posts here.


New Page At Cider Says – Review Terminology

A new page is now up here at Cider Says, Review Terminology, which defines the various terms I use in reviews.  On a more general note, Cider Tasting Terminology 101 defines some common cider tasting vocabulary.

Also check out the other pages on this blog:

About is about this blog and myself.

Ciders I’ve Tried is an ongoing list of ciders I’ve tried, including links to those with reviews.  This list has proved helpful several times when I couldn’t remember if I had tried a cider.

Cider Wish List is an ongoing list of ciders I want to find and try.

Hard Cider Info is a page covering some general information about cider.

Cider Says 1st Anniversary

Thank you to my readers for helping Cider Says reach its first anniversary!  I never imagined how popular it would become.  Its been a fun ride and I look forward to more cider-related debauchery.  This summer I’ll be attending several cider tasting events (including the epic Cider Summit Seattle!), so look forward to some awesome trip reports and tasting notes.


Vacation Week

Just a FYI, I’ll be on vacation for a week (Alaska cruise!), so there won’t be any posts for a bit.

cruise photo.jpg

Here are some popular previous posts of mine to tide you over:

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Here are some of my favorite cider blogs:

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See you next week!

Cider Says Blog Updates and the Ciders I’ve Tried Page

Blog Updates

Did you know that the Ciders I’ve Tried page has a running list of all the ciders I’ve tried, including links to reviews as applicable?  Check it out!  Let me know if you want info on any ciders I haven’t reviewed (which is mostly those I tasted before starting Cider Says).

I have also been updating the About, Cider Wish List, and Hard Cider Info pages over time, so if you haven’t had a look for awhile, they may be of interest.

Have any input on what you’d like to see here at Cider Says, have a cider recommendation, want to send a sample for review, spot an error, etc?  Contact me.

Where to Find Cider Says

Follow Cider Says on Facebook for post notifications and great cider-related posts I share from other folks.  You can also follow the blog directly by e-mail or on WordPress, using the sidebar (or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices), with the ability to adjust how often you get notification e-mails.

I’m in the cider subgroup on Reddit (as “ciderenthusiast”).

I’m on Cider Expert (as “cidersays”).  Its a cider review website currently in closed beta, but they are accepting some requests for accounts, especially for folks with some cider experience, such as bloggers.

I’m in the Hard Cider Appreciation Society group on Facebook (as “Kate Smith”).  For some reason folks using Facebook as a page (such as Cider Says) can’t post in groups, so I have to use my personal account.  Note that I don’t accept friend requests from folks I don’t know in real life though.

Have a great week!

Do I have a Cider Problem?

My cider collection keeps growing faster than I can drink it!  I was clearing out the pantry to accommodate some Costco items, and since most of my cider inventory was out on the kitchen floor, I added the rest to take a group shot:


Its still dominated by Woodchuck…a lot of Winter Chill, and some Barrel Select, Summer Time, Amber, Gumption, & Out on a Limb Oopsy Daisy, and even a Sour Cherry, the last Cellar Series before they moved to the Out on a Limb series.  Woodchuck holds a special place in my heart between it being the first cider I tried (Amber, a few years ago), my being one of the winners of their Ciderbration (new cidery opening) contest in 2014, all the varieties they offer, and it being my favorite commercial cider.

However, there are also plenty of interesting selections I’ve picked up lately.  I think this is the complete list in the photo above, in no particular order:

Eaglemount Quince (the half drank bottle on the far right lol)
Dragon’s Head Wild Fermented
Millstone Cobbler
Dan Armor Cuvee Brut (a $5 find at Trader Joe’s)
2 Towns Cider Master Reserve, Batch No. 01 Barrel Select Blend
Finnriver Honey Meadow
Aspall Imperial
Reverend Nat’s Revival
Thistly Cross Whisky Cask
2 Towns The Bad Apple
Tieton Cidermaker’s Reserve
Sheppy’s Oak Matured
Original Sin Pear
Smith & Forge
Angry Orchard The Muse
Worley’s Premium Vintage
Nashi Orchards Perry
Argus Ciderkin
Dublin’s Pub
Attila Scourge of God
Red Tank Happy Cider
Freyeisen Apfelwein
Crispin Browns Lane
Ace PIneapple
Schilling Oak Aged
Spire Mountain Dark & Dry

Quite the mix of craft & commercial and local & imported.  Lots of new ciders to review!

Have you tried any of these ciders?  How much cider is too much?  Or, could you never have enough cider on hand?