Hard Cider Ice Cream Float, Anyone?

I’ve been meaning to try a hard cider float, and today was the day!  I’ve always thought a float would be best with a dark & sweet cider, and chose Spire Mountain Dark & Dry.  Woodchuck Barrel Select was a runner up, and yes I still have a six pack of that, and 2 or 3 six packs of Woodchuck Winter Chill!  I image folks who like spiced cider (I don’t) may like their float with spiced cider.  I looked for an all natural vanilla ice cream.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any local Vanilla ice cream at Fred Meyer (only vanilla gelato, vanilla custard, and flavored ice cream), but Hagaan Dazs worked just fine.

Ingredients Required:
cider, chilled (approx. 6 oz)
vanilla ice cream (approx. half a cup)
tall glass
long spoon
(straw optional)


Scoop some ice cream into the glass (small chunks are easier)
Slowly pour cider (it may foam quite a bit)

IMG_0222  IMG_0223

You likely have some extra cider left to drink afterwards!


The Verdict:
Quite tasty!  Very easy to make too.  I could barely tell there was any alcohol involved.  It looked just like a root beer float, and was kinda similar, although the foam was less sweet and the liquid tasted different.  I think I was spot-on with choosing Spire Dark & Dry.  I may have to try Woodchuck Barrel Select next, or maybe even Woodchuck Winter.  At the end of the day though, as much as I love cider, I may still prefer a root beer float.  Fun idea though!

Update:  I tried Woodchuck Barrel Select, and have to say it was even better!  For some reason the flavor worked even better, maybe due to the richness of the barrel aging?  Highly recommended to try a float with Barrel Select.  Unfortunately its a winter “Private Reserve” release from Woodchuck (that I stockpile along with Woodchuck Winter).

Cider Cocktails for the Independence Day Holiday, Anyone?

I’ve been wanting to get into trying cider cocktails, and in my research found some of the following ideas:

Woodchuck Watermelon Cider Cubes:  A blended mix of watermelon, pineapple, & raspberries, frozen in an ice cube tray to add to cider (such as their hint of blueberry cider, Summer Time).  Useful in warm weather to keep a cider cool without watering it down.  They give a bonus recipe to pour any extra fruit mixture into half an empty watermelon, mix in their Gumption cider variety, and freeze it–slushy anyone?

Cider Sangria:  This sounds yummy, and I imagine there are many directions it can be taken.  Not sure I’d do a semi-dry cider with Grand Marnier and ice cider though (plus the later two ingredients would be expensive)…I’m thinking more of cider with juice & fruit.  I think even just adding fruit to cider would be yummy…it reminds me of Rev Nat’s Revival, with a wonderful tropical fruit flavor.

Cider Mimosa:  Either pear cider (perry) with orange juice (Perry Mimosa) or méthode champenoise (a champagne-like sparkling cider) with pineapple juice (Summer Mimosa).  Both are simple and sound yummy!  I imagine with these as well there are many directions they can be taken.

Cider Margarita:  Tequila, cider, and Grand Marnier.  Sounds interesting enough to be good!  They use cinnamon & sugar on the rim instead of salt.

Cider Ice Cream Float:  Not exactly a cocktail, but it is something I’ve been meaning to try for awhile.  For some reason I think it would be especially good with dark cider, such as Spire Mountain Dark & Dry.

Orchard Limeade:  Green apple cider, absinthe, and lime juice.  I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Apple Rum Punch:  Coconut rum, spiced rum, dark rum, cider, orange juice, and pineapple juice.  I’m curious how this would be with cider added.  I’ve had similar drinks without cider, and think they can be tasty if they aren’t overly sweet.

Have you tried any cider cocktails?  How did it turn out?