New Pages Added at Cider Says!

I’ve added some new pages:

Ciders I’ve Tried – Ongoing list of hard ciders I have tried (I’ll be adding reviews for some, but let me know if you want an opinion on anything)

Cider Wish List – Ongoing list of hard ciders I want to try

Hard Cider Info – Article-style post of misc info on hard cider, which I’ll be adding to

Poll – What do you want to see here at CIder Says?

My Cider Stash

Wondering what cider is currently in my fridge & pantry?  Then you read my mind!  Yeah…its quite a list.

Snowdrift Cornice (open)
Woodchuck Winter Chill (many)
Woodchuck Summer Time (multiple)
Woodchuck Barrel Select (multiple)
Schilling Oak Aged (multiple)
Woodchuck Sour Cherry (one)
Ace Pineapple (multiple)
Spire Mountain Dark & Dry (multiple)
Wyder’s Reposado Pear (multiple)
Rev Nat’s Revival (one)
Thistly Cross Scottish Whisky Cask (one)
Angry Orchard The Muse (one)
Eaglemount Quince (one)
NV Cider Half Past Prudent (one)
Worley’s Premium Vintage (one)
Atlas Hard Apple Cider (one)
Liberty Manchurian Crabapple (one)