Crabbie’s Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade (not cider, I know)

Review of Crabbie’s Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade, part of their new Crabbie’s Fruits line, branching out from the alcoholic ginger beer they are known for.  This definitely isn’t cider, but instead a sweetened malt beverage with natural lemon flavor, and could likely be classified as an “alcopop”.  It however looked really interesting, so I gave it a try.

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Beverage:  Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade
Maker:  Crabbie’s (Halewood International Ltd)
Location:   Huyton, United Kingdom
ABV:  4.8%
How Supplied:  four pack of green 11.2oz bottles

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Availability:  appears to be wide release

Description:  Crabbie’s continues to pioneer refreshment with the addition of a Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade to their world famous range. Only premium ingredients and selected squeezed natural lemons are used to give the Cloudy Alcoholic Lemon it’s delicious flavor – with added zest. Best enjoyed chilled from the bottle or over ice for a refreshing summer drink.

Price:  ~$9 for a four pack (I bought a single bottle for ~$2.50)
Where Bought:  Special Brews in Lynnwood WA (I’ve also seen it at Total Wine and Full Throttle Bottles in Seattle WA)
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  browsing.  They do a very smart thing at Special Brews, in that they sell you alcohol while you are already drinking alcohol (it’s a combination beer/cider bar & bottle shop); I end up buying much more this way!

2015-08-25 17.03.21

First Impression:  Looks and smells like lightly carbonated lemonade.

Opinion:  Semi-sweet.  Tastes like real fresh squeezed lemonade with a bit of fizz and an alcoholic kick.  Only mild tartness.  Quite flavorful and awesome!  I really wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The alcohol is well hidden.  I’ve never tried Mike’s Hard Lemonade, but I’m guessing this is less sweet and of a higher quality.  Definitely an easy drinking beverage for a hot summer day.  Its also not so sweet that I’d limit myself to one.

Closing Notes:   Very tasty!  I’d recommend this if you enjoy lemonade and want to try something different.  I’ll have to pick up a full four pack of it.

Have you tried Crabbie’s Cloudy Alcoholic Lemonade?  What did you think?