Elemental Seasonal Spiced Apple

Review of Elemental Hard Cider’s Seasonal Spiced Apple cider, from Woodinville WA.  This is a seasonal release for them.

2015-12-23 18.43.15

Cider:  Seasonal Spiced Apple
Cidery:  Elemental Hard Cider
Cidery Location:  Woodinville WA
ABV:  6.5%
How Supplied:  22oz bottle (also available on tap)
Style:  American spiced apple cider

2015-12-23 18.43.23 2015-12-23 18.43.38 2015-12-23 18.43.31

Availability:  During Winter in Western WA

Cider Description:  none given

Cidery Description:  Family owned and operated.  Brian and Christina Callahan launched Elemental Hard Cider to bring quality, affordable, and delicious hard cider to the world. We strive to bring fun and exciting flavors to the experienced cider enthusiast, as well as novice cider drinkers.  Hand-Crafted Micro ciders Designed For Taste, smoothness, and quality.  Each of our hand-crafted ciders are made from only the finest Northwest apples and cold-fermented to preserve the fruit. Our ciders are reminiscent of champagne, they are lightly filtered and mildly effervescent for clean taste. Experience our quality for yourself. Come in often to grab a glass. We are constantly trying out new flavors, so the line-up is always changing.

They have a tasting room in Woodinville WA open on Saturdays & Sundays.

Price:  ~$8
Where Bought:  Schilling Cider House in Seattle WA
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  Browsing, upon recommendation from Nathan from The Cider Chronicles

2015-12-23 18.42.58

First Impression:  Light amber yellow-orange.  Mostly still.  Smells like sweet apples, cinnamon, and sugar.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-dry (so my nose deceived me into thinking it would be sweeter).  Moderate tartness.  Strong acidity.  No sourness or funk.  Mild bitterness.  Cinnamon-forward, with a touch of nutmeg and cloves, but overall the spice remains moderate.  Light bodied.  Long finish.

My Opinion:  Pretty good.  I liked that it wasn’t crazy sweet or heavily spiced.  I was surprised however with the level of tartness and acidity.

Most Similar to:  This reminds me a bit of 2 Towns Nice & Naughty, which I also found to be semi-dry and not too spiced, but was a significantly higher ABV.  I’ve found D’s Wicked Baked Apple and Carlton Cyderworks Sugar and Spice to both be semi-sweet.  I had always thought I didn’t like spiced ciders, but I’ve found that to be false.

Closing Notes:   This was a great cider to kick off my Christmas break with!

What is your favorite spiced hard cider?

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