Apple Outlaw Pineapple Getaway

Review of Apple Outlaw’s Pineapple Getaway.  This appears to also be sold as ‘Pura Vida’ in bottles.  I’ve also previously tried Apple Outlaw’s Oaked Sweet Dark CherryBlackberry BountyOriginalTangerine TwistGinger BiteCranberry JewelThompson Creek Whiskey Barrel AgedChocolate Raspberry, and Thompson Creek Creekside.

Cider:  Pineapple Getaway
Cidery:  Apple Outlaw
Cidery Location:  Applegate, OR
ABV:  6.0%
How Supplied:  kegs
Style:  American craft cider from dessert apples with pineapple juice

Photo Jun 02, 6 41 50 PM.jpg

Availability:  probably only in Oregon and Washington

Cider Description:  This Northwest cider has vibrant tropical aromas with fresh juicy flavor and a slightly sweet yet refreshing finish.

Cidery Description:  We strive to be good stewards of the land.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to care for the small piece of our earth where our trees live and we take this responsibility seriously.  We farm organically,  irrigate conservatively, and encourage biodiversity.

Price:  $7.50 / 14oz draft pour
Where Bought:  Malt & Vine in Redmond WA
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  browsing a tap list

First Impression:  Pale yellow hue.  Mild pineapple scent.  Very low carbonation.

Tasting Notes:  Semi-dry.  Light bodied.  Low tartness and acidity.  Hints of bitterness.  No tannins, sourness, or funk.  Notes of pineapple juice, granny smith apples, and lime.  Quick finish.  Low apple flavor, flavor intensity, and complexity.  High sessionability.

My Opinion:  I thought this was rather average.  For my personal tastes I prefer a more intensely flavored cider, which for dessert apple ciders typically means sweeter (my favorites tend to be semi-sweet).

Most Similar to:  Portland Cider Pineapple (or a drier and less flavorful version of 2 Towns Pacific Pineapple, Jester & Judge Pineapple Express, or Reverend Nat’s Viva La Pineapple)

Closing Notes:  I could see this appealing to folks who think that most other pineapple flavored ciders are too sweet.

Have you tried pineapple cider?  What did you think?

Apple Outlaw Thompson Creek Creekside Cider

Review of Thompson Creek’s Creekside Cider.  Thompson Creek is an offshoot of Apple Outlaw for their higher end ciders, made from heirloom and/or cider apples instead of dessert apples, since 2016.  It is my first time trying anything from Thompson Creek, although I have had several of Apple Outlaw’s ciders (Oaked Sweet Dark CherryBlackberry BountyOriginalTangerine TwistGinger BiteCranberry Jewel, and Chocolate Raspberry)

Photo Nov 10, 5 38 40 PM.jpg

Cider:  Creekside
Cidery:  Thompson Creek (by Apple Outlaw)
Cidery Location:  Applegate Oregon
ABV:  7.5%
How Supplied:  750ml bottles
Style:  American craft cider from heirloom apples, bottled 2016

Photo Nov 10, 5 38 47 PM Photo Nov 10, 5 38 58 PM

Availability:  year round, likely only in Oregon and Washington

Cider Description:  Arkansas Black, Blenheim Red, Macintosh and Rome Beauty all lend their unique complexities to this beautifully dry cider. Hints of apricot, honeydew, tropical fruit, and ripe pear complement its crisp acidity.

Cidery Description:  Thompson Creek ciders are made from and inspired by the heirloom and cider apple varieties of apples we grow on our Applegate orchard.  The cider makers of Apple Outlaw use various methods of maturation, aging, and blending to showcase the unique and exquisite qualities these apples have to offer.  These ciders should be pondered with reflection, cellared neck up and are best served at 50-55 degrees.

Price:  $14.50
Where Bought:  Bushwhacker Cider in Portland Oregon, in Spring 2017
Where Drank:  home
How Found:  Browsing.  At that time I hadn’t seen any of Apple Outlaw’s Thompson Creek ciders, but I have since (including in the Seattle area).

Photo Nov 10, 5 41 04 PM

First Impression:  Still (no carbonation).  Dark straw yellow hue.  Smells very mild, of citrus.

Tasting Notes:  Dry.  Light bodied.  Moderate tartness.  Moderate to high acidity.  Low bitterness.  Low tannins.  No sourness or funk.  Notes of lemon, grapefruit, herbs, and mineral, plus a buttery type of flavor and mouthfeel which is difficult to describe.  Moderate length finish.  Moderate apple flavor and sessionability.  Low to moderate flavor intensity and complexity.

My Opinion:  On this cider, my opinion was rather indifferent, but that was primarily as I prefer slightly sweeter ciders with more flavor.  I’d be interested in tasting a cider from them which was semi-dry cider and made from cider apples.  Creekside became more flavorful and less sharp as it warmed up; therefore, same as recommended by the cidery, I’d suggest to drink it in between fridge and room temperature.  Very food friendly.

Most Similar to:  Wandering Aengus Cellar Door, 2 Towns Traditions Riverwood, and Boonville Bite Hard

Closing Notes:  If you are a fan of truly dry cider from heirloom apples (ie. with some acidity and a touch of tannins), then I would recommend this one for you.

Have you tried any of Apple Outlaw’s Thompson Creek line of ciders?  What did you think?

Apple Outlaw Cider Tasting & More at Around The Table

I recently attended an Apple Outlaw cider tasting at Around the Table, a game pub in Lynnwood Washington, North of Seattle.  Its a unique game shop with tables to play at, snacks, and beer/cider/mead/soda/etc on tap.  They have quite a tap list, which usually includes a few ciders and a mead (which is more ciders than most places with even more taps have).  They’ve had a few other cider tastings prior to this, which include having a mini cider tap takeover and bringing in a cidery representative to pour them and chat.

2016-04-12 18.40.03.jpg

They had Apple Outlaw’s Ginger Bite, Original, and Tangerine Twist on tap.  The rep Meghan also opened a bottle of their Cranberry Jewel while I was there.  I met up with Nathan from The Cider Chronicles, who now also works part time for Elemental Hard Cider.  He brought a growler of their Pomegranate-Rose cider with him.  Around the Table also had Elemental’s NW Atomic Root Beer cider on tap (a cider-based hard root beer, which I reviewed here), and Moonlight Meadery’s Sumptuous Mango mead.

2016-04-12 19.07.43.jpg
<the full tap list that evening>

Apple Outlaw is an orchard-based cidery in Applegate Oregon, in the Applegate Valley in the Southern portion of the state.  They actually sold non-alcoholic cider (juice) for quite awhile before starting to sell hard cider, which they make from dessert apples.  Oddly enough they no longer sell their unfermented juice.  Although the place was rather busy, the cider tasting wasn’t, so Nathan and I got to chat with Meghan for awhile.  We learned that Apple Outlaw is still on the small side, and mainly family-run.  They don’t currently have a tasting room, but their bottled (and draft) ciders have been sold since 2013, and are available in Oregon and Washington.

Elemental Hard Cider Pomegranate-Rose, 6.5% ABV:  Light cherry pink hue.  Semi-dry to semi-sweet.  Mild to moderate tartness.  I mostly tasted pomegranate, but it was smoother than typical, presumably from the infusion of rose petals (although I didn’t pick up any floral notes).  Elemental has infused rose petals with other ciders as well, such as Lavender-Rose (which I reviewed here).

Apple Outlaw Tangerine Twist, 5.5% ABV:  Cider with tangerines and hops.  It is their Spring/Summer seasonal. Semi-dry.  Light bodied.  The flavor started distinctly citrus and tart, and the finish was hopped (light bitterness and floral notes).

Apple Outlaw Original Hard Cider, 5.5% ABV:  This is their flagship cider.  Semi-sweet.  Medium bodied.  Mild tartness.  Easy to drink and sessionable.  Very apple forward (back sweetened).

Apple Outlaw Ginger Bite, 5.5% ABV:  Made with Peruvian yellow ginger.  Moderate to strong ginger scent.  Semi-sweet.  I’m not a ginger fan, but this was definitely more approachable for me than most ginger ciders, as most of the ginger remained in the scent…I really didn’t pick up too much ginger flavor.  Most of all, it didn’t have any sinus burn.  I think the sweetness also helped its approachability.  This was described as being great for food pairings.

Apple Outlaw Cranberry Jewel, 5.5% ABV:  This was a bottle pour.  Made with cranberries, rose hips, and orange peel.  I didn’t pick up the rose hips or orange peel (which I only read about later).  It was definitely very cranberry (moderate to strong) and tasted juice-like to me.  Semi-dry.  Moderate tartness.  Medium bodied.

Moonlight Meadery Sumptuous Mango Mead, 13.6% ABV:  Nathan let me taste the glass he ordered.  Very fruity and alcohol-forward, but the mango flavor isn’t particularly strong.  Sweet.  Moderate tartness.  Full bodied.  This was the first beverage from Moonlight Meadery that I didn’t think was amazing…I think I much prefer their ciders, meads, and cysers which are more honey-forward, with richer brown sugar type notes (see my prior reviews here).  The fruitiness just didn’t seem to mesh with the whole 14% ABV mead vibe.  I think as a lower ABV cyser (apple + honey) it would have worked better.

Of the Apple Outlaw selections, I liked the Original best.  I’ve previously tried their Oaked Sweet Dark Cherry and Blackberry Bounty ciders on tap.  However, none of the Apple Outlaw ciders are really a style I enjoy (and I’m not really a fan of hops, ginger, or cranberry).  My favorite ciders are typically richer and/or made from cider apples.  Its always fun to try new ciders though!